Mutant Uprising

Mutant Uprising

Genre(s): Adventure Games, Added by : soruman, Jan 07 2010 01:02,
Tags : adventure, text adventure, horror, text based, gpstudios

WARNING: Although the game doesn't have any visuals, the story is based on horror and may not be suitable for young players.

Mutant Uprising is a new text based adventure game developed by GPStudios. Your choices will affect the story being told, and ultimately your ending and final ranking. Therefore you should play it several times and try different paths (ansers) to see all parts of the story and possible endings. Although it should be a game of horror, I laughed loudly on some scenes, mostly to the stupid things in anwers. There are many bonuses you can pick up along the way.

Brutality Points: You can obtain these for acts of extreme and (unnecessary) violence. But be careful, don't get yourself killed for the sake of a bit of fun.

Kindness Points: You can obtain these for showing that you have a loving heart. Remember that mutants are people too. At least, they used to be.

Information Points: The world is going to hell and you need to get out of town. But there's no harm in trying to find out why this is happening along the way.

Have fun!

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P.S. I am going to add the official walkthrough to the comments section below.

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  1. Horror Freak 2000

    Jun 24 2010 19:31

    Reply to Horror Freak 2000

    This is an awesome game. You forgot to mention that it has a a little Sexual Content in it too.

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