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Newtonian is a new physics based puzzle game. It consists of simple drawings and somewhat buggy game play but it is still playable and offers some challenging levels. (While writing this, I am still stuck at level 10). Your goal is to accomplish the objective of each level using gears, cranks and other equipment available on that level. Have fun!

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The Walkthroughs of the levels are below the post, in the Walkthroughs tab!

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  1. soruman

    Nov 22 2009 01:49

    Reply to soruman

    mademoisellea is the first that beat level 10, thanks to her now i can go further...

  2. soruman

    Nov 22 2009 02:17

    Reply to soruman

    Now I am at 12!

  3. soruman

    Nov 22 2009 04:02

    Reply to soruman

    i give up on 14. I’ll continue it tomorrow...

  4. Torbax

    Nov 22 2009 13:43

    Reply to Torbax

    Im stuck on lvl 10 .. realy crappy
    Can someone tell how to beat lvl 10 PLZ
    I think I speak for 1000 of people who can’t get past that lvl XD
    I hate it when I can’t get something done sooooo PLLZZ TELL

  5. soruman

    Nov 22 2009 14:27

    Reply to soruman

    Torbax, you can’t believe how easy it is.
    Drop the crank between two platforms upper right on the screen but leave a small gap.
    Drop the gear into the empty area on the middle, it is hard to explain the exact location, I’m sure that you can find it with trial and error.

    After you strt the box will push the crank to left, and with the help of the gear the crank will reach the left platform and push the greenbox.

    If you can’t make it I can capture a screenshot or a video.

    Have fun!

    I gave up on level 14, now I don’t have the time to play it, i am going to retry tonight. If some of you can pass it please tell me how, so I can jump to 15...

  6. I got level 14 :)


  7. Nick

    Nov 22 2009 18:49

    Reply to Nick

    I’m stuck on level 6. How do I do it?

  8. I’m now stuck at level 23. I have printscreens of level 14 to level 22, i can post them. Now, someone, help me! :D

  9. Bran

    Nov 22 2009 19:34

    Reply to Bran

    Cmon! Show me the money! Im stuck on 15.

  10. Bran

    Nov 22 2009 19:37

    Reply to Bran

    I need some serious help on 15.

  11. girly11

    Nov 22 2009 19:57

    Reply to girly11

    I am stuck on lvl 19.
    i easily got past the others though

  12. Level 15:

    Level 19:

    Sometimes, you have to tweek it a bit so it works but it is very close.

    I’m at level 32 now... stuck of course!

  13. soruman

    Nov 23 2009 00:33

    Reply to soruman

    Good news guys, MademoiselleA sent me the screenshots for levels 14-36, i am going to upload it to walkthrough sections in a few minutes. (Click the walkthroughs tab below the post)

    THANK YOU SO MUCH MademoiselleA!!!

  14. girly11

    Nov 23 2009 01:31

    Reply to girly11

    This is a reply to this comment of


  15. @soruman: i sent you level 37 and 38. However, ive been stuck on 39 for 2 hours. if someone can help! thanks

  16. And i’m done!!! Yééééé

  17. liz

    Nov 23 2009 04:06

    Reply to liz

    I still cant beat level 10. any help. please.............

  18. bob

    Nov 23 2009 04:29

    Reply to bob

    any help for level 12....

  19. soruman

    Nov 23 2009 20:55

    Reply to soruman

    I’ve added 10 & 12 to the walkthrough section...

  20. soruman

    Nov 24 2009 00:47

    Reply to soruman

    The newtonian challange is ended, you can find the screenshots of the solutions in the walkthrough tab. They might not work at your first try, you may have to make slight modifications. (Because it is a physics based game, even a slight change makes it behave different.)

    Now I am going for todays new challange! A new addicting & challenging puzzle game BIKLO

  21. hey

    Nov 24 2009 03:37

    Reply to hey

    level 16?

  22. max

    Nov 24 2009 13:55

    Reply to max

    yay, got it^^ without walktrough

  23. help

    Nov 24 2009 14:08

    Reply to help

    This is a reply to this comment of

    lv 39: balloons on the bottom below the green button, and connect the two long bars on the slope, that´s it, oh, and you can attend the second wheel to the rectangular

    little hint: there are intelligent solutions in EVERY level, not like in the walktrough in the tab where it is

  24. Pudding

    Nov 25 2009 08:47

    Reply to Pudding

    Lvl 20, cant get nowhere accept tipping the green block over

  25. Msps

    Nov 26 2009 10:39

    Reply to Msps

    someone plz level 6

  26. elliot

    Nov 29 2009 00:14

    Reply to elliot

    level 6?!??!?!?!

  27. soruman

    Nov 29 2009 01:08

    Reply to soruman

    Added 6 and 13...

  28. prime

    Nov 29 2009 21:11

    Reply to prime

    how do i beat levle 3

  29. XD man

    Dec 01 2009 19:36

    Reply to XD man

    I stuck at level 8

  30. Cepe}I{k@

    Dec 02 2009 10:38

    Reply to Cepe}I{k@

    There is my another decision for level 21:

  31. rob

    Dec 10 2009 18:15

    Reply to rob

    even with the walktrough i cant do level 34

  32. brbr

    Dec 22 2009 14:00

    Reply to brbr

    I’m stuck on lv 39 (i actually ended this game but that last one is pretty good)

  33. dei

    Jan 07 2010 07:32

    Reply to dei

    How to pass level 10 I’m stuck...

  34. TheSivasli

    Feb 08 2010 10:16

    Reply to TheSivasli

    Hi people,

    anyone now how to beat level 29? im stuck in it.
    don’t give me a sollution, just give a hint, that’ll do.


  35. monkchips

    Feb 16 2010 16:53

    Reply to monkchips

    where are the walkthroughs please

  36. monkchips

    Feb 16 2010 16:55

    Reply to monkchips

    stuck on level 14 if you can talk me through it cos can’t see walkthroughs pleeeeeeeeease

  37. soruman

    Feb 16 2010 16:59

    Reply to soruman

    This is a reply to this comment of

    Hey monkchips,

    Click Walkthrough/Hints/tips link above the comments...

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