NiM Master

NiM Master

Genre(s): Strategy Games, Added by : soruman, Dec 30 2009 02:36,
Tags : point & click, puzzle, strategy

Nim is a classic game of strategy. Variants of the game have been played since ancient times. Two players take turns removing stones from distinct rows. On each turn, a player must remove at least one stone, and may remove any number of stones from the same row. In normal game mode, the player should take the last stone to win. In reverse game mode, the player should not take the last stone. Your computer opponent, Nim Master, knows the game very well. It's so difficult to beat him that it may seem to be impossible. Nevertheless, if you'll master the game, you'll be able to beat the Nim Master, so don't give up. However, you always can use ESC key to abort current game. Have fun!

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  1. MADness

    Jan 03 2010 21:45

    Reply to MADness

    this game makes you think hard

  2. MADness

    Jan 03 2010 21:49

    Reply to MADness

    How do you beat the Master? Anyone got a little strategy I can use? Please, help me!!!!!!!!!!

  3. soruman

    Jan 04 2010 01:29

    Reply to soruman

    it looks like impossible, i can’t beat it either. :)

  4. MADness

    Jan 04 2010 05:05

    Reply to MADness

    You are so right. Ugh! This is killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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