Obey The Game

Obey The Game

Genre(s): Arcade Games, Added by : soruman, Dec 10 2009 12:05,
Tags : arcade, addicting, skill, amor games

The Elephant from the "This is the only level" is back! Again with a unique and funny idea! It's time to listen to the game. Guide your elephant through an ever-faster game of thinking, jumping, and saving girlaphants. Survive as long as you can, but remember to only do what the game tells you to! Have fun!

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  1. mop

    Dec 11 2009 13:23

    Reply to mop

    its good to see the elephant back in this gr8 new game! =) very entertaining =D

  2. bobbytheblaziken

    Dec 20 2009 19:20

    Reply to bobbytheblaziken

    i cant get it to work... i start the game and it keeps blinking through a series of three screens:

    completely blue screen

    a screen that has the armor games logo

    a screen that says obey the game and a loading bar

    what the ****?

  3. soruman

    Dec 20 2009 19:49

    Reply to soruman

    What flash version are you using?
    I am using flash 10, tried the game with different browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome) and didn’t have any problems...

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