Off World Express

Off World Express

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Managing a transport company, especially one outer space is an exciting idea. Off World Express is a new strategy game in which you can play the role of the head engineer of a shipping company transporting goods for your off world colonies.

"You have been promoted to head engineer for the Off World Express shipping company. It is your task to build and manage routing and delivery carts for your off world colonies. In order to be promoted to the larger colonies, you must reach specific goals set forth by corporate headquarters. The more efficient your trakcs and routes, the more profitable the company shall be."

Although it is not a must I strongly suggest you to follow the tutorial of the game to understand the game easier. Once you get the idea and start to build your network it will be more and more addicting on each level. Deciding your strategy on the very beginning of the level & then following it step by step is crucial for your success. You may upgrade your carts to the best available ones but a loss is fatal without a good track network. However quality of the network is not based on quantity of the tracks, sometimes it is possible to make the carts stuck or bring forth a bottleneck because of the unnecessary tracks. 

Off World Express is the most addicting flash based strategy game that I've played recently. If you like strategy & management it is a must to play for you. Good luck & have fun!

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A few tips about the game;

* Before starting each level pause the game and investigate the factories, their entry and exit points and the terrain, define your strategy make the required changes.

* On some levels you have to use two way tracks, never and never allow two carts use the same route, they will be stuck sooner or later. Crossings are okey, but never a whole or partial shared route. Design your tracks to force the carts use different roots.

* Build tracks only when required. Some factories may be closed for a while depending on each level. Additionaly, buying excess carts is not logical. If you do so, you have to pay more upkeep than the opitmal level.

* Take the production rate of the factories into account when buying new carts.

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