Paradoxion Express

Paradoxion Express

Genre(s): Puzzle Games, Added by : soruman, Nov 04 2009 23:36,
Tags : puzzle, match-3, logic puzzle

A new logic puzzle game by VSBgames. Although it is based on a match-3 approach the final result is completely different from other match 3 games with its innovative idea. You have to clear  all the orbs on the screen using the items supplied in your inventory. Pick elements from inventory one by one and place them on the gameboard to match at least three same colours in a row or column. However because the number of orbs are limited you can't clear the screen by just dropping orbs. This unique approach is the main idea behind the game and the one that differentiates it from other match-3 type puzzle games. Yo clear the elements from the game board you need to arrange them in different combinations. For example, simple orbs will explode in lines of 3. When elements explode, other nearby elements may shift to neighboring cells, thus setting off a new explosion. Use this behaviour to organize chain reactions.

I think the game is an interesting one and some of you may need help on some levels, therefore I am going to share the solution screenshots in the next few days.

Have fun!

Play Paradoxion Express

Solutions of the first 20 levels / Pack 1

Solutions of level 21-40 / Pack 2

Solutions of level 41-60 / Pack 3


It was an hardwork to record, edit and upload all the videos. If you think that they are helpful please leave a comment and share this page!


Have fun and thank you!

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Screenshots of the game

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  1. soruman

    Nov 05 2009 02:34

    Reply to soruman

    The solutions of the first 12 levels are ready. I’ll finish the first level pack tomorrow and publish it here, and then start the pack 2 maybe...

    If you need the solution of any level, post it here and I’ll make that one first...

  2. Mademoiselle A.

    Nov 05 2009 02:38

    Reply to Mademoiselle A.

    Help on level 16 please! :)

  3. soruman

    Nov 05 2009 03:04

    Reply to soruman

    This is a reply to this comment of

    It will be ready in 10 minutes...

  4. soruman

    Nov 05 2009 03:24

    Reply to soruman

    Solution of Level 16.

    The numbers at the bottom-right cornet of the orbs presents the order of that move.
    Drop the same coloured orb you see on a cell following the order of the numbers.

    It will look better in complete guide... I’ll publish it tomorrow, now I am going to sleep. ;)

  5. Thank you! Even with the solution it was not easy! Let’s continue :D

  6. Oh well.. my brain is dead again.. i’m stuck 2 levels further!

  7. soruman

    Nov 06 2009 03:05

    Reply to soruman

    I have sent the solutions of the first 20 levels.
    Sorry for late answer but I was working on this stuff. :)

  8. OleHofsoy

    Nov 06 2009 09:30

    Reply to OleHofsoy

    Nice, I made it to lvl 16 without solutions:) Great game!

  9. Hoolix

    Nov 06 2009 17:32

    Reply to Hoolix

    Help with Lvl 40!!

  10. Manamanan

    Nov 06 2009 19:31

    Reply to Manamanan

    Help on level 39 please!

  11. soruman

    Nov 07 2009 01:31

    Reply to soruman

    I don’t think that I can complete the pack 2 solutions today, you have better to check again tomorrow...

  12. vanksy

    Nov 07 2009 21:41

    Reply to vanksy

    stuck on 47.

  13. vanksy

    Nov 07 2009 21:46

    Reply to vanksy

    This is a reply to this comment of

    Last violet gem goes bottom right.

  14. vanksy

    Nov 07 2009 21:46

    Reply to vanksy

    This is a reply to this comment of

    Last violet gem goes bottom right.

  15. vanksy

    Nov 07 2009 21:50

    Reply to vanksy

    This is a reply to this comment of
    LV 40 solution

  16. soruman

    Nov 07 2009 23:26

    Reply to soruman

    This is a reply to this comment of

    Thanks for the solutions vanksy, especially for level 40...

  17. soruman

    Nov 08 2009 01:04

    Reply to soruman

    Just released solution of pack 2...

  18. sio

    Nov 08 2009 01:24

    Reply to sio

    any ideas for level 43?

  19. soruman

    Nov 08 2009 03:03

    Reply to soruman


    Drop the blastoid from your toolbox into the center of four blue orbs. They will disappear and the ones on the right will shift to the right. Then drop a green orb there to shift the blastoid on the field. The blues will shift right again. Then explode both of the green orbs.

    Now you only have two reds, two goldens and to blastoids next to blue orbs. A last blue orb will clear all the board. I hope you can get the idea. I am going to upload videos of pack 3 tomorrow.

  20. vanksy

    Nov 08 2009 07:20

    Reply to vanksy

    I have beat all 60 levels !! =DDDDDDD

    If anyone is stuck I’ll gladly help!

    Such a great game!!!!

  21. help

    Nov 08 2009 18:10

    Reply to help

    This is a reply to this comment of

    stuck on level 60... pretty desperate ;) help?

  22. triple

    Nov 08 2009 19:56

    Reply to triple

    43 drives me nuts!

  23. soruman

    Nov 08 2009 20:49

    Reply to soruman


    triple i told how you can beat 43 to sio above. I am on 55 now and will release the solutions when I finish them all...

  24. soruman

    Nov 08 2009 21:06

    Reply to soruman

    I’m stuck on 55...

  25. vanksy

    Nov 08 2009 21:35

    Reply to vanksy

    This is a reply to this comment of

    55 solution:

  26. sio

    Nov 08 2009 21:48

    Reply to sio

    This is a reply to this comment of

    thanks for the help. still took a few tries but got it eventually

  27. soruman

    Nov 08 2009 21:51

    Reply to soruman

    This is a reply to this comment of

    Vanksy, I can’t believe that it can be as easy as that.. silly me... Thanks for the help...

  28. triple

    Nov 08 2009 22:09

    Reply to triple

    I’m retard on 55 and working on 59

  29. vanksy

    Nov 08 2009 22:32

    Reply to vanksy

    Lol I forgot how I did 60...

  30. vanksy

    Nov 08 2009 22:41

    Reply to vanksy

    ok here’s lv 60:

  31. soruman

    Nov 08 2009 22:41

    Reply to soruman

    I did 55 after vanksy’s help, but still can’t do 60...

  32. soruman

    Nov 09 2009 11:54

    Reply to soruman

    Solutions of Pack 3 are ready. I’m going to release them in 1-2 hours.

    I want to thank all the above commenters for encouraging me to make the videos and also for their help.

  33. AgroC

    Nov 13 2009 20:02

    Reply to AgroC

    level 48... i need some help

  34. I’m done. Ouf ! Thanks for your help soruman!

  35. soruman

    Nov 14 2009 16:51

    Reply to soruman

    You’re welcome.
    it was difficult but fun...

  36. Barnzie83

    Nov 15 2009 15:35

    Reply to Barnzie83

    I can’t get it to work - do I need any plug-ins installed?

  37. songdancer

    Nov 15 2009 19:28

    Reply to songdancer

    Level 54’s solution is not loading. Of course that is the level that I got stuck on. Thanks for the solutions! Very helpful.`

  38. songdancer

    Nov 15 2009 19:32

    Reply to songdancer

    Figured out level 54...

  39. soruman

    Nov 15 2009 20:06

    Reply to soruman

    This is a reply to this comment of


    Do you mean the game, or the solutions? It may be a good idea to update your flash player to the latest. (I guess that the latest version is flash player 10.)

  40. cruzan

    Nov 16 2009 00:42

    Reply to cruzan

    The solution downloads were working until this afternoon. Now they just hang.

  41. Simon

    Nov 16 2009 09:58

    Reply to Simon

    It’s a very good and fun game,I figured out all levels but 59,need your help,thank you very much.

  42. soruman

    Nov 16 2009 10:16

    Reply to soruman


    They are still working as now, i’m not sure, it might be a temporary problem...

    The solution 59 is already available in the game page, at the end of game review.

  43. Fun

    Nov 17 2009 16:44

    Reply to Fun

    I have mastered all levels except the 53, I’m stuck and it makes me mad :p. Someone could help me please?

  44. soruman

    Nov 17 2009 22:27

    Reply to soruman

    The link to the solutions (for all packs) is at the end of the post (above comments) already.

  45. Metalos

    Nov 17 2009 23:34

    Reply to Metalos


  46. yointhefirst

    Nov 18 2009 06:13

    Reply to yointhefirst

    this shitty flash with the "solutions "doesnt work :( every time i click on level 59 in turns into black and says "select level"... ;..;

  47. yointhefirst

    Nov 18 2009 06:16

    Reply to yointhefirst

    finally i did it !!! no solutiopn for lvl59 needed !

  48. Josh

    Nov 19 2009 03:46

    Reply to Josh

    Solutions won’t show for me.

  49. miki

    Nov 19 2009 06:40

    Reply to miki

    please can someone put 56, i cant see it from soruman, it is all black and it says same like yointhefirst "select level"...
    i just cant do 56

  50. miki

    Nov 19 2009 08:16

    Reply to miki

    done with 56 but now stuck on 59 :(

  51. miki

    Nov 19 2009 08:19

    Reply to miki

    it seams every time i write that i am stuck i manage to pass that :)

  52. soruman

    Nov 19 2009 11:02

    Reply to soruman

    Looks like the videos are down.
    I am going to fix that tonight...

  53. soruman

    Nov 19 2009 15:15

    Reply to soruman

    The videos are still online, however there is a problem with firefox! Firefox shows a blank screen instead of the video, I checked the page with Internet Explorer and Google Chrome and they work fine!

  54. sein_88

    Nov 20 2009 03:05

    Reply to sein_88

    Thanks for your’s a great game

  55. Almtraum

    Nov 21 2009 00:07

    Reply to Almtraum

    This is a reply to this comment of

    Thanks for the solution for level 40. It’s so simple, but I didn’t make it...

  56. roni

    Nov 21 2009 21:25

    Reply to roni

    thanks alot :)

  57. chels

    Nov 22 2009 23:39

    Reply to chels

    It did not work for me :(

  58. gigantes

    Nov 25 2009 06:27

    Reply to gigantes

    tried it in FF and IE with the latest flash- same problem. blank screens for the videos.

    anyway, thanks for trying. only three levels i haven’t solved yet, so this just makes me want to try harder...

  59. soruman

    Nov 25 2009 11:33

    Reply to soruman

    Sorry for that, I am completely new to flash, next time I’ll do better...

    If you still can’t see the videos, tell me which levels you need, i can supply the direct address of the videos so you can download them.

    It doesn’t work with Firefox on me either, but there are no problems with IE and Google Chrome

    (I’ll be glad if someone using other browser like Safari and Opera can comment if it works on them)

  60. gigantes

    Nov 25 2009 21:50

    Reply to gigantes

    okay, i installed opera 10.10 on winXP and the videos work fine. possibly the reason it didn’t work in IE is because i have a slightly older version of the browser.

    thanks for all your hard work and dedication, soruman!

  61. soruman

    Nov 25 2009 23:52

    Reply to soruman

    Thank you very much.

    There are two reason I made it that way,

    First, there are too many levels and this method provides a much easier system for both of the user and me.

    Second, when I upload videos to youtube people just embed them on their own site without crediting my work, this method discourages them to steal the work. Because I worked hard (Except the time I spent on the puzzles, I spent another two days to record and edit all those videos) on the solutions, I want to be credited for the work!

    However as I said before, I was completely new to flash (actually it was my first try on it), next time I’ll spend more time on compatibility.

  62. Leonsen

    Nov 26 2009 08:11

    Reply to Leonsen

    This is a GREAT game! I really enjoyed it! Nice work =D

  63. Gamer

    Nov 27 2009 14:19

    Reply to Gamer

    I´m stuck on lvl 48 who can help?

  64. nonio

    Nov 30 2009 20:12

    Reply to nonio

    i need help to level 40 !!! please

  65. nonio

    Nov 30 2009 20:26

    Reply to nonio

    This is a reply to this comment of

    please i can help for level 40 !!!!!

  66. Mucki

    Dec 09 2009 22:07

    Reply to Mucki

    I need help on level 56, please!

  67. duuh

    Dec 20 2009 15:37

    Reply to duuh

    Please level 59 .. :(
    very very hard...

    Link solution?
    please help

  68. soruman

    Dec 20 2009 17:58

    Reply to soruman

    Uploaded 56 & 59. They are located at top in the right sidebar.

  69. ferall

    Dec 26 2009 01:34

    Reply to ferall

    I need help on level 45, please!!!

  70. OrnF

    Dec 29 2009 18:36

    Reply to OrnF

    lvl 43 please I need your help

  71. LVL 43 HELP

    Dec 29 2009 18:54

    Reply to LVL 43 HELP


  72. komal jain

    Jan 01 2010 07:24

    Reply to komal jain

    This is a reply to this comment of

    please help me in level 55

  73. soruman

    Jan 01 2010 22:50

    Reply to soruman


    My video service provider viddler is having some difficulties now, I can’t upload new videos right now.

    The video is ready, I’ll upload it as soon as their services turn back to normal.

  74. SK

    Jan 05 2010 18:23

    Reply to SK

    level 40 help plz

  75. poletto

    Jan 05 2010 19:05

    Reply to poletto

    someone please just help me on 54, i’ve done all the other levels but this one, thanks.

  76. soruman

    Jan 05 2010 19:42

    Reply to soruman

    I’ve added videos of both 40 & 54.
    Want to thank? Just add this site to your bookmarks. ;)

  77. Paty

    Jan 05 2010 20:17

    Reply to Paty

    level 48 ;D
    help me?

  78. Bustis

    Jan 06 2010 03:27

    Reply to Bustis

    Help with lvl 48 plz.

  79. soruman

    Jan 06 2010 08:15

    Reply to soruman

    This is a reply to this comment of

    48 is also available as a video...

    For future requests, Please check the flash solutions first (next to play link), and ask for a video if they don’t work on your computer...

  80. KG

    Jan 11 2010 11:45

    Reply to KG

    This is a reply to this comment of

    Please help with level 40. I can’t figure out how to move the silver orbs in the cenyer of the puzzle.

  81. soruman

    Jan 11 2010 12:36

    Reply to soruman

    This is a reply to this comment of

    40 is both available as flash & video solutions. Please check the videos right to the game review.

  82. kg

    Jan 13 2010 19:14

    Reply to kg

    levels 53 and 57 please. Pack 3 will not open.
    thank you

  83. dennis

    Jan 24 2010 17:37

    Reply to dennis

    stuck on please..

  84. soruman

    Jan 24 2010 18:36

    Reply to soruman

    Help is on its way...

    Check back the videos in 15 minutes...

  85. dennis

    Jan 24 2010 21:13

    Reply to dennis

    This is a reply to this comment of

    thank youuuuu :-)

  86. Stuck on level 60. Is a video with solution available ?

  87. soruman

    Feb 01 2010 16:46

    Reply to soruman

    This is a reply to this comment of

    60 is online...

  88. This is a reply to this comment of

    Thank you so much.

  89. Gisele

    Feb 26 2010 01:03

    Reply to Gisele

    19 please.

  90. Gisele

    Mar 04 2010 19:11

    Reply to Gisele

    Thaaanks, despite having achieved before the answer .. I came here to know the 40, you are very good!
    Sorry if any mistake, I’m from Brazil and not I did course English course in adolescence. :p kisses.

  91. iaia

    Mar 10 2010 11:55

    Reply to iaia

    can you help me with level 42

  92. Mizukis

    Mar 17 2010 02:49

    Reply to Mizukis

    58!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! only 58!!!!!!!!!!!!!! help me!!! >___________<

  93. heriangel

    Jun 11 2010 16:02

    Reply to heriangel

    ey muy bueno llegue asta el 40

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