Penguin Massacre

Penguin Massacre

Genre(s): Tower Defense Games, Strategy Games, Added by : soruman, Dec 06 2009 01:37,
Tags : tower defense, strategy, tower defence

Penguin Massacre is a new tower defense game by Christopher Gregorio. The penguins not only made the game cute but also very addicting. Defend your igloo and keep shooting the penguins with bigger and better guns, simple as that! The game includes 25 challenging levels with an opportunity to continue your game with a %20 score penalty when you can't hold your igloo on that level!

You not only get bigger & better guns as you earn money, but also increase the potential of your gun by upgrading it. The extra help with the rifelman & engineers will make your job easier.  The only drawback about the game is it ends after level 25 before you have the enough money to buy all items & upgrades. You may play it again to try different weapons & upgrades. Anyway a good game on overall! Have fun!

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  1. soruman

    Dec 06 2009 02:14

    Reply to soruman

    i’ve made many mistakes on my first play but learned much! Now I am going to try it again. :)

  2. soruman

    Dec 06 2009 04:59

    Reply to soruman

    i’ve made 130K on my 2nd try,
    a few tips about the game;

    - In my oppinion the best weapon is the grenade shooter.

    - Focus on smaller guys, but when they are near your base the bigger guys will prevent you shot the smaller ones, consider this while selecting your target.

    - Prefer to lose %20 score in earlier levels, %20 is more important when your score gets higher.

    - Save money on earlier levels

  3. Tom rogers

    Dec 07 2009 14:56

    Reply to Tom rogers

    LOL i played this for my first time and completed it :P

  4. Poita

    Dec 09 2009 09:01

    Reply to Poita

    i would like to point out that shooting closer to the head does more damage

  5. tyler

    Dec 18 2009 21:13

    Reply to tyler

    totally awesome

  6. william mayer

    Jan 23 2010 00:48

    Reply to william mayer

    how can i have loads of cash

  7. Luis Abundiz

    Apr 10 2010 06:41

    Reply to Luis Abundiz

    This is a reply to this comment of

    I went to cheats for penguin massacre and i got lots of every thing.

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