Picma Picture Enigmas

Picma Picture Enigmas

Genre(s): Puzzle Games, Added by : soruman, Dec 25 2009 18:08,
Tags : puzzle, logic

Picma Pictured Enigmas is a logic puzzle game similiar to Everybody's Picross that we played yesterday. The goal of the game is to decode the hints (numbers) next to rows and columns to the board and reveal the picture hidden on the board. It includes 108 levels with different difficulty levels and the ones beyond expert are though enough to keep you busy for hours! Have fun! Fow now I've uploaded the solutions upto master levels but will upload them all asap. Have fun!

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It took me hours to make this solutions available. Please return the favor by sharing this page on social bookmarking sites. (Links are below this post)

Apprentice Levels' Solutions

Journeyman Levels' Solution

Expert Levels' Solutions

Master Levels' Solutions

Grand Master Levels' Solutions

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Screenshots of the game

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