Princess Room Escape

Princess Room Escape

Genre(s): Room Escape Games, Added by : soruman, Sep 24 2009 23:08,
Tags : room escape, myescapegames

Princess Escape is a new point & click room esacape game from As always, you have to find the hidden objects & clues that will help you on your goal, escaping the room. If you are stuck check the walkthrough video that I've added on the video section. (On the right sidebar.) "Let yourself get lost in the princess's castle, but then find your way out and be hero of the day. With no rules, this room-escape game will test your rescuing senses, guiding you from time to time to your next steps. Follow clues, search every little corner, pay attention to details, and you will be closer to finding your way out of the dungeon. Fulfill some tasks while you are inside the castle and get your next clue that leads you closer to the right answer out of this puzzle.  You are the wizard of the lost world and you are trapped inside the sleeping princess'room. Use your magic skills to wake up the princess, escape and return home."

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  1. gamemaster

    May 14 2010 23:01

    Reply to gamemaster

    I love this game!

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