Red Jet Rabbit

Red Jet Rabbit

Genre(s): Other, Added by : soruman, Mar 31 2010 00:36,
Tags : racing

Red Jet Rabbit is an old style crazy cartoon to play as 2.5D side-scrolling racing game. You are a rabbit driving the new red jet car with the goal to destroy it as much as possible on your crash-test track. Each race you collect gold and are rewarded for the damage you do to your car. With the money you get you can buy upgrades and tools to go faster and farther, enabling you to cause even more damage! Good luck & have fun!

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1 Comment

  1. patrick

    Apr 09 2010 22:03

    Reply to patrick

    this gane is gay where are the cheats??? if anyone know how to cheat with out cheat engine just comment below and ull make me =] instead of >=[ so just tell me how????

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