Riddle School 5

Riddle School 5

Genre(s): Point & Click Games, Adventure Games, Added by : soruman, Apr 03 2010 21:57,
Tags : point & click, adventure, jonbro

Riddle School 5 is is the fifth installment of point & click adventure game serie Riddle School. The Author Jonbro said on Newgrounds that it is the longest, craziest and best game of the entire serie. In this game of the serie you and your friends are kidnapped from Aliens and imprisoned in your own dreams. You wake up after you killed in your dream and now have a chance to escape from Aliens. But as a true friend you are not going alone and will save your friends and maybe the earth, who knows? Riddle School 5 is an excellent point & click adventure game both in terms of graphics and story and one that really worth to play. Good luck & have fun!

Play Riddle School 5.

P.S. A video walkthrough is on its way. ;)

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  1. jay

    Apr 17 2010 09:52

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  2. Allan

    Jun 11 2010 14:07

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    How do you get the unreachable steak in Riddle School 5?

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