Rise of the Tower

Rise of the Tower

Genre(s): Tower Defense Games, Added by : soruman, Dec 24 2009 22:22,
Tags : , tower defense, tower defence

Tower Defense games are popular since the release of the popular games of this genre like Flash Element TD, Onslaught TD and Shock Defence and there are many clones of that popular games. Rise of the Tower is a new tower defense game, but it goes beyond being just a simple clone! It doesn't offer superior graphics, or an excellent game play but a unique approach to the genre.

Your goal is to defend your tower from upcoming hordes of robots. Your tower is located on the center of the screen and the enemies attack from both sides. You can place various weapons on each side of the tower, not limited to attack weapons but also defense equipment. Because you can only add one weapon on each side of the floor you should build new floors and/or upgrades your weapons on existing floors. If you lose a floor, all of the above floors will go down with it, meaning that losing the first floor is the end of the game.

Consequently, Rise of the Tower is a good tower defense game with its unique idea. Have fun!

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