Sniper Assassin 4

Sniper Assassin 4

Genre(s): Puzzle Games, Action Games, Added by : soruman, Nov 27 2009 20:35,
Tags : puzzle, addicting, action, shooter, sniper


Sniper Assasin is the latest game of the Sniper Assasin serie. It is unbelievable that it can offer you such a funny gaming experience with only stickman art. Although it is basically a shooter game, it also contains puzzle elements. The first few levels are just simple shooters, but on later ones it starts to be puzzling. There are also some levels that are just for fun, like car destruction or dancing. 

Shawn, a professional sniper got involved in a big drug syndicate, the FFG Corp. He comes home after a mission to find his wife murdered.
Picking off top members of the group one by one, he finally finds the top guy that was responsible for the death of his wife.
Unfortunately, with the death of the mastermind, the man that did the actual murder now plans to ascend the mafia hierarchy. Feeling too tired after everything, Shawn quits the unit and left the life of an assassin.

I've just finished the game and can give you a hand if you are stuck on a level or you can just pass that level by using the level codes below. You can jump to any level using the codes, except the last one.

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Level Codes

Level 1: bank heist
Level 2: papa
Level 3: charlie
Level 4: outskirts
Level 5: gigolo
Level 6: par
Level 7: passerby
Level 8: apple
level 9: horse power 
level 10: hide and seek
level 11: iron maiden
level 12:nocturnal
level 13: warhammer check

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  1. I can’t go further than the gigolo mission. Someone know why?

  2. soruman

    Nov 28 2009 03:13

    Reply to soruman

    It seems that the game won’t go further if it is not played on the original site, however it doesn’t warn the user! Strange
    I am going to replace the link.

  3. soruman

    Nov 28 2009 03:36

    Reply to soruman

    In my oppinion the most puzzling level is the "hide and seek",
    and the hardest one that required quick reflexes is the last one in which you try to save charlie...

  4. soruman

    Nov 28 2009 04:56

    Reply to soruman

    Someone asked me how to beat the level passerby on pm...

    It is better to write it public...

    Just wait for the limousine and shot the rope on the lumbers when it comes almost middle of the screen.

    If you shot it early, you’ll also hit the car on the left of the road, if you shot it late you’ll hit the new coming car.

  5. soruman

    Nov 28 2009 04:59

    Reply to soruman

    A note about the level passerby. The game gives the code passerby but it doesn’t work on the code entry screen. The actual code should be "passer by".

  6. Luka

    Dec 01 2009 08:45

    Reply to Luka

    how do u get passed HIDE AND SEEK

  7. soruman

    Dec 01 2009 19:11

    Reply to soruman

    You should shoot the branch over the guy at the far left of the screen after killing him. Most probably you are not shooting that like I did on my first couple of tries. :)

  8. britknee247365

    Dec 23 2009 23:37

    Reply to britknee247365

    you have to play it on in order to play the rest of the levels past gigolo

  9. donovan

    Dec 24 2009 17:41

    Reply to donovan

    how do u get passed nocturnal

  10. Donovan

    Dec 24 2009 17:42

    Reply to Donovan

    This is a reply to this comment of

    how do u get passed apple

  11. Armonie

    Dec 25 2009 12:56

    Reply to Armonie

    I cant get passed nocturnal =[ wdh..

  12. hasa

    Jan 23 2010 11:29

    Reply to hasa

    Can’t get pass warhammer

  13. aj

    Jan 25 2010 03:26

    Reply to aj

    how do you get warhammer check to work on addictinggames

  14. soruman

    Jan 25 2010 03:41

    Reply to soruman

    This is a reply to this comment of

    Actually there is no level with a code "Warhammer check", I’ve added it to identify content theft and find 3 sites that copy the codes from mine until now...

    nocturnal is the last level...

  15. guyhead

    Feb 01 2010 22:41

    Reply to guyhead

    same i cant get pass the gigolo mission with the ladys men my computer keeps on staying still doing nothing and it hasn’t frozen.Does anyone know why????

  16. bs

    Mar 24 2010 03:17

    Reply to bs

    How do you get passed hide and seek? I shoot the guy at the left and cover him but your walkthrough skips over the guy under the light and the guy in the bushes

  17. soruman

    Mar 24 2010 11:18

    Reply to soruman

    First shoot the guy standing on far left and then shoot the branch above to hide him...

    Then shoot the guy under the light after you shoot the light...

    Then shoot the one behind the brushes, and lastly the one patrolling around the pool.

  18. hgf

    May 04 2010 00:15

    Reply to hgf

    how do u get by passenger

  19. BOB

    May 23 2010 18:23

    Reply to BOB

    how do you get pass hide and seek

  20. anonymous

    May 28 2010 22:17

    Reply to anonymous

    how do i do the level charlie????? i can’t shoot anybodyy!

  21. ally

    Jun 22 2010 19:26

    Reply to ally

    how do you get past HIDE AND SEEK ? i shot the guy on the left and put the branch over him but i can’t shoot the three other guys . HELP

  22. Cindy

    Jun 23 2010 20:46

    Reply to Cindy

    Just shoot the rope above him
    shoot the left to hit our guy!!

  23. zzzzzztopzz

    Nov 22 2010 04:31

    Reply to zzzzzztopzz

    game still loading i got pass everything becoz im only 10

  24. cat

    Apr 15 2011 11:40

    Reply to cat

    how do u get passed the dancing

  25. cat

    Apr 15 2011 11:47

    Reply to cat

    iron maiden is so hard

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