Stones Masters

Stones Masters

Genre(s): Puzzle Games, Strategy Games, Added by : soruman, Mar 03 2010 19:59,
Tags : puzzle, match-3, rpg

Stones Masters is an excellent mix of match-3 puzzle and rpg strategy genres. The goal of the game is to defeat 13 evil mages of the dark ages by mostly casting spells with a melee attack support. The match-3 game field is your source for spell ingredients. The board contains ingredients for earth,fire,air and water spells in addition to coins to upgrade your spells and skills and swords that will result a melee attack.

Stones Masters is a well balanced puzzle and strategy game. The monotony of overused idea of match-3 puzzles is really enlightened with the additional RPG elements and makes the game addicting. The game is also top-notch in terms of graphic arts and definetely worth to play.

Good luck & have fun!

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