Talesworth Adventure: Quest for the Dragon's Hoard

Talesworth Adventure: Quest for the Dragon's Hoard

Genre(s): Puzzle Games, Added by : soruman, Apr 16 2010 00:41,
Tags : puzzle

Talesworth Adventure: Quest for the Dragon's Hoard is a new puzzle game created by Sean Gailey which challanges you to help Questy slay the Dragon of Talesworth and snatch his hoard of loot. The game is basic on graphics and the idea but consists from 30 well designed levels with increasing difficulty and offers you an hour of fun. Good luck & have fun!

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Talesworth Adventure Walkthrough Part 1 (Light & Dark Blue Rooms)

Talesworth Adventure Walkthrough Part 2 (Purple & Red Rooms)

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  1. soruman

    Apr 16 2010 01:46

    Reply to soruman

    Any tips for bonus room 1???

  2. Nachtmacher

    May 06 2010 10:22

    Reply to Nachtmacher

    This is a reply to this comment of

    Arrows can kill Monsters...

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