The Forest Temple (AKA Fire Boy and Water Girl)

The Forest Temple (AKA Fire Boy and Water Girl)

Genre(s): Puzzle Games, Platform Games, Added by : soruman, Nov 23 2009 23:19,
Tags : puzzle, platform

The Forest Temple also known as Fire boy and Water girl (the main charachters of the game) is for the ones that love platform games mixed with some puzzle elements.  Although it looks like a two players game at the first glance actually it is not, however it may be easier to play it as a team. You have to control both Fire Boy and Water Girl at the same time which makes it more challenging. Use A,W,D to move Water Girl and the Arrow Keys to move Fire Boy.  Fire Boy is weak against water whereas Water Girl is weak against Fire. Therefore avoid them enter to the opposite material!

In addition to these interesting game play, and a good balance between platform and puzzle genre the game is also good at graphics and sound effects. I've attached 6 of the screenshots from the game to this post. (Can be seen on the right sidebar.)

Have fun! Play The Forest Temple!

Level Map (Please use this map to request solutions)

The links to video walkthroughs are located on the sidebar (at the right of the screen, below screenshots)

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Screenshots of the game

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  1. kat

    Nov 25 2009 20:03

    Reply to kat

    AUSOME game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love it too! :D

  3. soruman

    Nov 28 2009 03:31

    Reply to soruman

    People are looking for the walkthrough however there ar many possible ways to play the game and it is hard to identify levels! If you need help on any level please state it here so we can try it together.

  4. noomed

    Nov 28 2009 23:51

    Reply to noomed

    soo very eazy

  5. pooie

    Nov 29 2009 01:54

    Reply to pooie

    I really like this game, but I’m stuck on the level where there’s a really wide pool of green water at the very bottom of the screen and a longish wooden plank suspended above it. Are there any special tricks to get past the green water? The farthest I can seem to manage is getting to the little sloped space under a sloped ledge at the left side of the green water, but every time I jump up, I hit the corner of the ledge and fall into the green water.

  6. pooie

    Nov 29 2009 02:00

    Reply to pooie

    This is a reply to this comment of

    Oops - OK I finally got past the green with the first character so nevermind :) (Now I’ve just got to figure out how to get the second character past that spinning plank!) :P

  7. Chloe

    Nov 29 2009 05:49

    Reply to Chloe

    can some one help me with the last jewel level on the bottom right?

  8. soruman

    Nov 29 2009 15:39

    Reply to soruman


    Chloe, i am going to upload the solution for that level in 5 minutes.

    @TO ALL
    Please use THIS LEVEL NUMBERING MAP for later requests.

    Because the game doesn’t have an internal numbering system for the levels, i numbered the levels and uploaded the image here. This will help for us for future discussions.

  9. helpme please

    Nov 30 2009 22:26

    Reply to helpme please

    i need help on level 11 according to the level map thing that soruman made. Rhanks reply soon!

  10. soruman

    Nov 30 2009 23:34

    Reply to soruman

    The video is ready, upload in progress...

    Check it on videos...

  11. PP

    Dec 01 2009 15:15

    Reply to PP

    I need help on lvl 32

  12. PP

    Dec 01 2009 15:22

    Reply to PP

    never mind... found it.

  13. PP

    Dec 01 2009 16:07

    Reply to PP

    finished it!

  14. i need help

    Dec 01 2009 19:29

    Reply to i need help

    need help on lvl 28 if somebody has a walkthrough pls post it here

  15. soruman

    Dec 01 2009 20:21

    Reply to soruman

    i made it with a B rank, now trying to record it with an A rank, however it becomes harder because the frame rate drops while recording... :)

  16. soruman

    Dec 01 2009 20:48

    Reply to soruman

    I improved both my rank and the frame rate. It goes faster by closing all other windows except the browser and the recording software...

    Upload in progress, check it in 10 minutes...

  17. cool

    Dec 01 2009 23:01

    Reply to cool

    i need help with level 8

  18. kix

    Dec 03 2009 00:22

    Reply to kix

    im stuck on level one :( i cant get up the last jump ive tried everything help!!! :(

  19. Stephanie

    Dec 03 2009 02:11

    Reply to Stephanie

    I’ve tried level 5 many times but i can’t seem to do the weighing part with the wood

  20. Stephanie

    Dec 03 2009 02:13

    Reply to Stephanie

    push the box next to the place where the doors are, jump on top of the box, and then jump up

  21. dude

    Dec 03 2009 07:35

    Reply to dude

    i need help with level 24. what lever or button to press and when?

  22. dude

    Dec 03 2009 07:40

    Reply to dude

    nvmnd got 11

  23. soruman

    Dec 03 2009 07:50

    Reply to soruman


    I got all the diamonds at that level but still can’t get an A because of timing...

    To balance that woods, you should stay on the platforms above the doors with both of them.
    Them jump on the woods when both sides are on the middle. One side will go down while the other will go up. Get one of the diamonds with fireboy (or with water girl depending which one goes down first), then make fireboy jump to let watergirl go down. Then use this jumping technique to balance the woods in the middle again and then jump to door platforms with both.

    If you can’t make it I can upload a video...

  24. dude

    Dec 03 2009 08:10

    Reply to dude

    i beat the whole game lulz

  25. soruman

    Dec 03 2009 10:02

    Reply to soruman

    Solution videos of both 5 & 24 are now online...

  26. Lottie

    Dec 03 2009 19:33

    Reply to Lottie

    Hey i’ve completed the map without help except for levels 8 and 18 realy looking for help on these!

  27. Lottie

    Dec 04 2009 00:57

    Reply to Lottie

    Hey Thanks Very much for a quick response!!

  28. soruman

    Dec 04 2009 01:04

    Reply to soruman

    anytime, yw.

  29. gameskid

    Dec 07 2009 23:42

    Reply to gameskid

    This is a reply to this comment of

    where is there a cheat to 32?

  30. soruman

    Dec 08 2009 00:27

    Reply to soruman

    32 is ready, upload in progress...

  31. Noah

    Dec 10 2009 02:16

    Reply to Noah

    PLZZZZZZZ i need help on level 14 i need major help

  32. soruman

    Dec 10 2009 07:03

    Reply to soruman

    upload in progress, check it again in 15 minutes...

  33. Derek

    Dec 14 2009 20:11

    Reply to Derek

    How do you beat level 17 seriously

  34. me

    Dec 14 2009 21:56

    Reply to me

    level 20 please!

  35. moi

    Dec 15 2009 04:26

    Reply to moi

    does anyone know how to beat level 20?

  36. abby

    Dec 15 2009 23:04

    Reply to abby

    can anyone get the walkthrough for level 16 please?

  37. soruman

    Dec 15 2009 23:17

    Reply to soruman

    I’ll upload it in a few minutes...

  38. abby

    Dec 15 2009 23:25

    Reply to abby

    nevermid, I figured it out

  39. maddie

    Dec 16 2009 19:23

    Reply to maddie

    i completed it all with no help. i recommend it as a 2 player game btw

  40. Kate

    Dec 20 2009 16:56

    Reply to Kate

    How do u beat lvl 13???!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. soruman

    Dec 20 2009 17:27

    Reply to soruman

    lvl 13 will be online in 15 minutes...

  42. Jess

    Dec 27 2009 18:36

    Reply to Jess

    How do you beat level 30 according to the map? I can’t find a solution and There are so many possible ways to go on that level, Me and my Sister find it very confusing, and we would find it very helpful if someone put up a solution! Thanks!

  43. soruman

    Dec 27 2009 23:10

    Reply to soruman

    Hey Jess,
    Don’t worry I am going to upload it in a few minutes...

    If any of you need further help you can contact me on msn games4bored @

  44. MADness

    Jan 01 2010 03:14

    Reply to MADness

    This game is sssssooooooooooooo fun and sssssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo anoying/frustrating at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. dana

    Jan 18 2010 19:12

    Reply to dana

    is there anothe watergirl and fire boy !?! im soo enjoying it rite now !? dont u but i rly want anothe game?

  46. chloe

    Jan 24 2010 07:39

    Reply to chloe


  47. chloe

    Jan 24 2010 07:51

    Reply to chloe

    NOW LEVEL 7 HELP! pleaseee

  48. haqifa

    Feb 24 2010 14:46

    Reply to haqifa

    29, please :)

  49. giggles

    May 04 2010 21:52

    Reply to giggles

    I am stuck on level 9 Help!!!!

  50. soruman

    May 06 2010 19:12

    Reply to soruman

    This is a reply to this comment of


  51. elissa galindo

    May 21 2010 23:17

    Reply to elissa galindo

    this game that is called fire boy and water girl is so freaking cool ha i am going to play this evry day couse it is cool ha it is fun ha omg oh my goush it is so fun i can not belive it it is so fun i talk to much it is so fun i can not even belive it is so fun even ny sister likes the game to i geuss evrybody likes the game i love it so so so fun ther is this veidio called ghost car and a real ghost cought on tape

  52. elissa galindo

    May 21 2010 23:19

    Reply to elissa galindo

    omg oh my goush

  53. elissa galindo

    May 21 2010 23:23

    Reply to elissa galindo

    this game is cool but some leveles you get stuck on but this game is i will call you back

  54. elissa galindo

    May 22 2010 23:11

    Reply to elissa galindo

    this is a reply to sorman your done playing this game

  55. sebby

    Jul 02 2010 10:07

    Reply to sebby

    HELP!!!!!!!!!! CAN’T FIND NO#7

  56. chelsea

    Jul 18 2010 16:03

    Reply to chelsea

    This is a reply to this comment of

    When you jump on the log, make sure its parallel, then jump again to the other side of the log so that it starts to spin the the way. Then jump off. :) I was stuck there for a while too.

  57. fm

    Sep 29 2010 19:19

    Reply to fm

    too good...

  58. blah blah blah

    Oct 21 2010 20:19

    Reply to blah blah blah

    This is a reply to this comment of

    i dont know what you are tailking about soooooooo im just going to live you aloun

  59. jade

    Oct 21 2010 20:21

    Reply to jade

    This is a reply to this comment of

    level one is sooo esey gosh im just 7 and you are

  60. vjbkljgkh

    Oct 21 2010 20:25

    Reply to vjbkljgkh

    This is a reply to this comment of

    this is how you spell PLEASE THERE IS please im just 8 and you are like i dont know like 13 or 19 or 14 or 12 or 15 or 16 or 16 or 17 or 18 or 20

  61. sunny.r

    Nov 09 2010 17:46

    Reply to sunny.r

    This is a reply to this comment of

    how do you unlock level 7

  62. HELP

    Jul 09 2011 16:32

    Reply to HELP

    I need the video for level 31.... I just can’t figure it out. I know how to get past all of the obstacles, I just can’t figure out how to get them both to the door! Can someone - anyone! - help me??

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