The Hermit

The Hermit

Genre(s): Point & Click Games, Adventure Games, Added by : soruman, Jan 16 2010 20:26,
Tags : point & click, adventure, room escape

The Hermit is a new point & click adventure game from Chris Daemon. You are a little robot that was left alone in an abandoned underground facility and trying to escape from there before it explodes. You have to be attentive in all places cause there are some clues for later logic puzzles on some scenes. Have fun!

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  1. MADness

    Jan 17 2010 02:22

    Reply to MADness

    How do you do the Generator Puzzle thing?

  2. soruman

    Jan 17 2010 17:41

    Reply to soruman

    You should collect the hints arround the chemistry lab, i think there were 5, and #1 is in the safe. And there is also a puzzle to open that safe. :)

    You can enter to the generator room by putting the cirlces in "red blue green yellow purple" order, however you still need to open the safe because there is a red ball in it which you need later in the game.

  3. MADness

    Jan 17 2010 23:50

    Reply to MADness

    I only found three clues

  4. MADness

    Jan 17 2010 23:51

    Reply to MADness

    I mean hints

  5. MADness

    Jan 18 2010 00:01

    Reply to MADness

    I finally got the generator puzzle solved.

  6. MADness

    Jan 18 2010 00:06

    Reply to MADness

    Just finished the game, I don’t get the end though.

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