The Secret of Life Flower Chapter 1 - Chapter 2

The Secret of Life Flower Chapter 1 - Chapter 2

Genre(s): Point & Click Games, Adventure Games, Added by : soruman, Nov 27 2009 01:21,
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The Secret of Life Flower Chapter 1 is the latest game from Belugerin Studios the developers of popular strategy games like The Last Village and Imperium. The thing that I most like about their games is the game play mechanisms that are close to premium dvd games, the detail level of the story and units as well as the graphics and background effects. I have never played a point & click adventure belugerin studios game until now. I am not sure if this is their first try on this genre. Although the graphics are as good as their other games, I can't say the same for overall gameplay. It is too short for an adventure game, consists almost no puzzles, and have some minor bugs. However it is as sucessfull as their other games in terms of well drawn graphics art and prerendered scenes. The charachter animations are one of the best ones that I see in Flash Games. The only drawback is the playback of the animations are not smooth enough (Most probably to reduce the filesize and increase performance.)

There is a short intro scene before the game which explains you the story. The story begin when incidentally a medicine to cure cancer was found by professor Henry. The formula known was made from a rare specimen flower where it is only born in Borneo. This is where your adventure begins, you have to find that flowers! As I said before there are almost no puzzle elements in the game, you have to just point & click the right items or people to pass a scene. The actions scenes (shooters) also doesn't offer much!

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