The Sound Walk

The Sound Walk

Genre(s): Other, Added by : soruman, May 11 2010 21:15,
Tags : skill, rhythm, reflex, cccplay

The Sound Walk is an addicting game of rhythm and reflex developed by CCCPlay. Many years ago you sould your sould to become the greatest composer of your time. Now, after an existence of unmerited success, you only feel regrets, and fear. Drowned in sound, your quest is to collect the lost fragments of your soul. The Sound Walk is really top notch in its genre, and is worth to play for hours. Unfortunately, there is a bug with the achievement feature which doesn't count the achievements as it should which results a never unlocking final chapter because you need to acquire 15 achievements to unlock the final chapter. Good luck & have fun!

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  1. this game got the beat but the walking zombie man is off wth

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