The Strangers 4

The Strangers 4

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The Strangers 4 is a new and excellent game of skill and strategy.  Another great game from pyrozen and It is a shooter type game but not another low quality one that we encounter every day. It features top quality graphics, sounds effects and most importantly a story! It is not a "Shoot the Bad Guys" game builded upon a scenerio which is fully covered in an impressive briefing..

After you got the information about the mission, squad and your equipment, you'll start the mission far away from the target buildings and need to place your teams with the help of your GPS. Your GPS device will show you the map of the field, the enemies and the positions of your squads. The location of your troops will affect the success of your mission. It is fun to hunt down the terrorists from a far location with your Sniper team while they are fighting against your other teams and attacking with your Assault team from location that is closer to the building.

I am going to add 3 cheat codes that are officialy released on's website below this post.

Have fun!

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