The Well

The Well

Genre(s): Point & Click Games, Adventure Games, Added by : soruman, Jan 22 2010 17:17,
Tags : point & click, adventure, horror

"The Well is a brand new horror experience you can watch and play online from BBC... if you dare."

It is like an interactive movie that you can take place in, the story will be incomplete without you play the game, and your gaming experience will be incomplete without watching the four episodes. There are four episodes to watch (each about 10 minutes) and three game levels between them. Although it is not necessary I strongly suggest you to watch the movies before playing the levels cause the movies and episodes are interconnected, they build a story line together.

The aim of the game is to explore the house, collect all the ogham stones and uncover the sinister back-story to the well. When you complete a game you are rewarded with a stone and a new piece of the story. Once you've collected all the stones on each level you will be able to watch the story from start to finish. To navigate around the house simply click and drag the left mouse button to move around. Click on a doorway to enter a room and on a game to play it. Each level must be completed befoure you can move onto the next.

On overall, the game offers an excellent entertainment & fear for about 2 hours (including watching the episodes)...  The minigames and puzzles fits the story well, the storyline is really good and the movies makes it much stronger. A must play! Have fun!

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  1. soruman

    Jan 23 2010 04:37

    Reply to soruman

    If you are stuck on any puzzle ask it before I forget how I did it. :)

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