Train Traffic Control

Train Traffic Control

Genre(s): Puzzle Games, Added by : soruman, Nov 04 2009 08:13,
Tags : puzzle, addicting, hard, difficult

Are you ready for a real challange, then you should tyr playing Train Traffic Control. Manage trains coming from different tracks by using the red lights and track switcher and prevent them colliding into each other. It sound easy, but be sure that it is not!! It is a kind of puzzle game, but one that you have to think & act fast, otherwise you have to replay the same level again and again...

If it is so hard to control the traffic virtually just in front of your computer, it must be harder to do that in real! Today computers may handle this work, but how they did it years ago when trains are popular and almost the only way for longer distances? Anyway, it is fun to try it on a game. Have fun!

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