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Trains is an addicting puzzle game developed by Tiger Tail Studios. Your goal is to get the right trains and cars to the right railway stations. You have to switch tracks, you have to use special cars to avoid deadly traps, or to complete some mission specific goals, you have to use equipment that is essential to beat some levels etc. etc. Trains is a really cool puzzle game that consumes a huge amount of time while not consuming your brain!! The art is simple but just suits the game. Like all puzzle games the first few levels are easy ones and as you pass through levels it start to be more and more challenging. There are a total of 21 levels, however I've played only 15 of them, unfortunately I have some work to finish till tomorrow. If you need help on any level, including the ones after 15, leave a comment and I'll give you a hand tomorrow.

Have fun!

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  1. soruman

    Nov 05 2009 03:29

    Reply to soruman

    If you need help on any level please let me informed so I can upload a solution/walkthrough for that level...

  2. Tim

    Nov 11 2009 19:16

    Reply to Tim

    the last level only

  3. soruman

    Nov 12 2009 00:30

    Reply to soruman

    Now uploading it to youtube, will add the link to videos when the upload is complete, check the videos section in 10 minutes...

  4. minty

    Nov 12 2009 23:03

    Reply to minty

    This is a reply to this comment of

    level 12 and 18, mainly 18, as i’ve not really spent much time on 12 mainly a glance lol

  5. soruman

    Nov 13 2009 01:05

    Reply to soruman

    Upload in progress...

  6. soruman

    Nov 13 2009 01:23

    Reply to soruman

    Done, they are in the videos section now.

  7. I’m stuck on level 19!

  8. soruman

    Nov 13 2009 16:52

    Reply to soruman

    19 is online in videos...

  9. stuck on 20

    Nov 14 2009 20:15

    Reply to stuck on 20

    Level 20

  10. soobie

    Nov 14 2009 21:18

    Reply to soobie

    Level 11

  11. soruman

    Nov 14 2009 22:28

    Reply to soruman

    20 is ready in the videos. Now looking to 11...

  12. Stuck on 20

    Nov 14 2009 22:52

    Reply to Stuck on 20

    For some reason the level 20 I see is different from your vids. I see the same level on 15, although it wasn’t that same level when I played 15.

  13. soruman

    Nov 15 2009 00:05

    Reply to soruman

    This is a reply to this comment of

    11 is confusing at first, but once you notice that the direction arrow direction of trains doesn’t matter it is easy to solve. I am going to upload the video in 5 minutes.

  14. soruman

    Nov 15 2009 00:05

    Reply to soruman

    This is a reply to this comment of

    @Stuck on 20


    Could you please upload the screen shot of that level to somewhere, so I can find which level you are asking for.

  15. Stuck on 20

    Nov 15 2009 00:55

    Reply to Stuck on 20

    Just figured it out. Not sure where to post a screen shot. After finishing the game the one I was stuck on now appears as # 15.

  16. soruman

    Nov 15 2009 01:23

    Reply to soruman

    Good to hear that...

    Although you don’t need it anymore, in the future you can use services like or to upload screenshots.

  17. Ben

    Nov 15 2009 16:57

    Reply to Ben

    Level 18 that you’ve posted isn’t the real level 18.... I’ve got the rest, but 18 is pretty much impossible! thanks for the help!

  18. Ben

    Nov 15 2009 17:05

    Reply to Ben

    Same problem - what shows up as my 18 isn’t real #18... it’s the one with 2x5car long trains in opposite directions, and a short siding..

  19. soruman

    Nov 15 2009 20:11

    Reply to soruman

    Hey it looks like you are playing the game on a different server that hosts a different version, could you please check if yours 18 is the same with 16 hosted on here?

    The only level i found that has 2*5cars is 16. (And could you please tell me where you play it so I can check if they host a different ver.?

  20. Lynn Mulkey

    Nov 16 2009 16:02

    Reply to Lynn Mulkey

    i need help on level 21

  21. soruman

    Nov 16 2009 18:17

    Reply to soruman

    21 is already in videos section. (Upper right, in the sidebar)

  22. me

    Nov 16 2009 20:09

    Reply to me

    Level 18 and 16 switch once you complete the game. Before you complete all the levels, level 18 is the one with 2 trains with 5 cars each. After you finish, it becomes level 16.

  23. Anony_mouse

    Dec 01 2009 17:37

    Reply to Anony_mouse

    Hi, is there any chance we can get level 18 (the one with 2 x 5 car trains and a small side track)?

    I’ve done all the other levels but can’t figure this one out.


  24. soruman

    Dec 01 2009 20:10

    Reply to soruman

    the level you are talking about is 16 on mine. I’ve recorded the video and going to upload it in 5 minutes...

    (Most probably mines 18 is your 16 also)

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