Volcano Escape

Volcano Escape

Genre(s): Room Escape Games, Added by : soruman, Sep 22 2009 18:44,
Tags : not doppler, room escape

Think yourself being stucked in your apartment after a disaster, a volcano explosion. It is a freightening story for real life and I hope none of you will encounter such a thing, but this is just a game. The story of Volcano Escape start with a Volcano erruption which caused significant damage to your apartment. Your goal is escaping alive from the building.

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  1. enid

    May 26 2010 13:08

    Reply to enid

    where do i find the note in volcanoe escape

  2. soruman

    May 27 2010 14:40

    Reply to soruman

    it should appear on the mirror when you are talking to the girl...

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