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Tags : point & click, adventure, violence, mature

WARNING: This game contains animated gore & violence and may not be suitable for underage players.

Warface is a new point & click adventure game developed by pyrozen and sponsored by GamesFree Canada. Although it looks like an icon adventure game it includes some shooting scenes. You stopped at a diner and find your lovely woman there, but looking your face you understood that something is wrong there! The boss must be as dirty as this place and thinks that he is untouchable behind this foolish wall and you are going to prove him otherwise! Have fun!

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  1. soruman

    Dec 17 2009 06:26

    Reply to soruman

    1)(When you begin the game you will be at the entrance of the Sexy Stop, in front of Cherry.) Go in the back of the room by clicking on the top of the screen.

    2) Go into the bathroom in front of you.

    3) (In your inventory you have a handgun with limited bullets.) Use it on the henchman who is taking a leak and shoot him in the head.

    4) Once he’s dead and pisses himself, take his jacket. (You will need this jacket to go into the VIP room later.)

    5) Holster your weapon before leaving this area.

    6) Come back in front of Cherry and talk to her, by clicking on her. (She will tell you that her brother’s weapons are hidden somewhere in the bathroom. Talk to her many times until you get this info.)

    7) Once she gives you this info, go back into the bathroom.

    8) Once you’re in the bathroom walk into the bathroom stall, by clicking on the door.

    9) (Inside the bathroom stall you will have a puzzle to figure out.) Click on the 5th row and 6th column tile next to the toilet. (Yeah, you got your toys!)

    10)Now go back in front of Cherry.

    11) Give her your TMP guns, which you found in the bathroom. (She will tell you that she needs something to hide them in before she can bring them over to you in the VIP room. So go find something to put your toys in!)

    12) Go in the kitchen, where the light is, behind Cherry.

    13) You will need to take the meat from the cook, which is next to him. (Wait until he is not looking at you. You will need this soon enough!)

    14) Now go back to the entrance and leave the Sexy Stop through the front door.

    15) Once outside go to the far end of the building next to the wooden fence. (Behind the cars)

    16) Behind the gate there’s a dog that won’t let you in. Take the meat you stole from the cook and give it to the dog. (To do this you must go into your inventory, select the meat and then click on the handle of the gate. Now you can enter without getting bitten!) There’s also another way to pass here if you still have bullets in your handgun. Just shoot the poor dog through the gate.

    17) You’re now on the dog’s turf. The dog should either be eating or dead. Take the bucket next to the dog pen. (This will be used to hide your TMP guns, but you will need something else that goes with the bucket.)

    18) Holster your weapon before going any further if you don’t want to get shot.

    19) Now go behind the building to the right.

    20) There’s a drunken dude that will talk to you. (For this part you need bullets in your handgun.) Shoot him and pickup his car keys.

    21) After you’ve killed him holster your weapon and go into the door.

    22) Talk to Rodriguez. (Cherry’s brother) He will dare you to beat him in a knife game for some cash money.

    23) For the knife game you will need to do exactly like the tutorial and be fast enough.

    24) Once you have completed this game successfully Rodriguez will give you all the cash that was on the table, which you will use later on.

    25) Go back to the front of the Sexy Stop, where the cars are parked.

    26) Go to the right of the Sexy Stop entrance.

    27) There’s an ice dispenser next to a dude. You can use the bucket here to take some ice. You can also kill this dude if you like violence.

    28) Holster your weapon and come back inside the Sexy Stop in front of Cherry.

    29) Click on your inventory and select the bucket, which now has ice in it, and give it to Cherry. (She will bring it to you in the VIP room and place it on the pool table with the TMP guns in it.)

    30) Click on the bottom of the screen (when in front of Cherry) to go towards the VIP room.

    31) There will be two guards in front of the VIP room. (Do not shoot them, just talk to them. They will let you pass if you have the clan jacket which you should have got from the guy in the bathroom)

    32) Now you’re in the VIP room, but the guards took your handgun.

    33) Click on the bucket on the pool table and enjoy the show!

    34) After the massacre a guard will have dropped a key card. Pick it up and head towards the stairs.

    35) Go through the locked door at the top of the stairs, which you have unlocked thanks to the key card.

    36) Go to the end of the first hallway and turn left.

    37) Do not enter the private door, unless you want to fail the mission. Instead go to the end of this hallway.

    38) Enter room #4

    39) Talk to the two girls kissing. (They will unconsciously help you with your mission, but for this you need some cash money.)

    40) Click on your inventory and select the cash, then give it to the girls.

    41) (The girls will have brought the boss to room #2, which has an excellent view from the Silo outside.) So go back outside to the parking lot.

    42) Take out the keys you have in your inventory and click on the door handle of the pickup truck.

    43) Once the pickup door is open take the rifle. (This is your weapon to kill the boss.)

    44) Just behind the pickup there’s a Silo. Walk towards it.

    45) Go up the stairs of the Silo.

    46) Now you have an excellent view of the Sexy Stop.

    47) Go into your inventory, select the rifle, where you will go into sniper mode. (You know what to do next!!)

    Source : gamesfree.ca

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