Warface 2

Warface 2

Genre(s): Point & Click Games, Adventure Games, Added by : soruman, Jan 16 2010 19:12,
Tags : point & click, adventure

Warface 2 is the sequel to the point & click adventure game Warface, again developed by Pyrozen and sponsored by GamesFree.ca. Walker is back in Warface 2. This time he is stuck in a snow storm in the middle of nowhere and has to deal with some freaky stuff. Action, adventure, peace pipes and bow and arrows! An excellent free adventure game with excellent artwork, good sound & voice effects and clever puzzles. Have fun!

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  1. soruman

    Jan 16 2010 19:44

    Reply to soruman

    This game can be completed in many different ways but still follows a linear story mode.

    1)Go towards the left of the screen next to Walker’s truck.

    2)Continue left again.

    3)(You will find yourself in front of a wooden house) Do not go any further into the woods for now.

    4)Enter the garage of the wooden house.

    5)(An old man works on his vehicle) Talk to him (He will tell you that he lost a car shock not too far away and in exchange for finding it he will lend you his snow mobile)

    6)Get out of the garage

    7)Go behind the garage to the right

    8)Pick up the car shock which is in a big tire.

    9)Go back to the old man and give him the car shock. His snow mobile will now be available in front of his house.

    10)Before taking the snow mobile go into the old man’s house through the front door.

    11)Take the bear rug from the floor and exit the house.

    12)You can now click the snow mobile to explore the woods.

    13)(You will be at an intersection) Take the path to the right indicated with the sign WILD.

    14)(The storm is getting much worse and wolves block your passage) Select your bear rug from your inventory and then click on Walker to wear it.

    15)(You have scared the wolves with your bear rug and you can now pass) Go right.

    16)(You will arrive at the Native’s tepee) Talk to the Native.

    17)He will then make smoke signals with his pipe. (Note them carefully cause you will need to imitate them after)

    18)Click on the pipe to smoke it and create the same smoke signals as the Native.

    19)If you succeed in imitating the smoke signals the Native will give you a bow with no arrow.

    20)Now head back to the intersecting paths.

    21)This time take the path to the left. (Ignore the snow mobile)

    22)You will notice an abandoned cabin, but a man is guarding it. Continue left.

    23)You will arrive at an old trailer home. Go inside

    24)Click on the rug to reveal a secret door bolted shut.

    25)Also take the arrows. (You can now kill any menace you encounter with your bow & arrow)

    26)Exit the trailer home and go to your left.

    27)You will arrive in front of an inaccessible tent next to a fence. Continue left past the tent.

    28)You now can enter another tent. Go inside

    29)Once inside the tent talk to the girls. (They will accept to give you the wrench in exchange for some body oil)

    30)Get out of the tent and go back to the old trailer home.

    31)Inside the old trailer home you can pick up the body oil that is in a drawer next to the mattress.

    32)Now that you have the body oil go back to see the girls inside the tent.

    33)Take the body oil from your inventory and give it to them. (You now have the wrench you so desired)

    34)Exit the tent and go inside the second one in the back.

    35)Take the empty gas container.

    36)Go back inside the old trailer home.

    37)Take out your wrench from your inventory and click on the secret door on the floor to open it.

    38)Go down through the door.

    39)(You will witness what looks like a torture room) Pick up the tube that is hidden in the bottom right corner in the shadow.

    40)Leave the old trailer home and go back to the abandoned cabin where the man guards it.

    rning garbage can beside the old trailer home) Go get it.

    44)Go back to the cabin, select the crowbar from your inventory and use it on the door to open it.

    45)Take the explosives.

    46)Go back to see the Native next to his tepee.

    47)Click left and continue past the Native.

    48)(You will find yourself in front of a group of snow mobiles and an entrance to a cave of some sort) You can steal some gas from these dudes.

    49)Take the tube from your inventory and click on the closest snow mobile.

    50)Now take the empty gas container and click on the tube. (You now have a container full of gas)

    51)Now head back to your truck to fill it up with gas.

    52)Select the container full of gas from your inventory and click on your truck.

    53)(Before you leave you must finish one more thing)

    54)Go back in front of the cave where you stole the gas from the snow mobiles and enter the cave.

    55)(You see a group of shady characters with a dead slave hanging from chains) Do not advance any further or else you will be shot.

    56)Kill the guy closest to you, just behind the big rock by selecting your bow & arrow from your inventory.

    57)Select the explosives in your inventory and click on the gang of henchmen in the far end of the cave to put an end to all this insanity!


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