White House Party Crashers

White House Party Crashers

Genre(s): Point & Click Games, Room Escape Games, Added by : soruman, Dec 10 2009 11:45,
Tags : point & click, room escape, addicting games

Did you hear the news about the white house party crashers? An uninvited couple just walk into state dinner a few weeks ago. Now it is your turn to break the security and join the party at White House!  White House Party Crashers is a new point & click room escape game from Addicting Games. Although the genre is room escape, this time you are not trying to escape, instead trying to get in! There is a party in white house and you are not on the list! Find a way to get past White House security. Once you're in, shake your booty with the most powerful people in America!

It is an easy & simple game that is enough for a coffee break! Have fun!

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The White House Party Crashers story from Fox news!

White House Party Crashers Walkthrough

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  1. bvgfb

    Dec 11 2009 00:15

    Reply to bvgfb

    i cant find a way to get in

  2. soruman

    Dec 11 2009 00:35

    Reply to soruman

    What did you do so far?

    There is a walkthrough video available in the post.

    Let me summarize what you have to do;

    Collect the required items for the people on the phone and get keys from them.

    Collect coins you find arround. (There are a total of 10 coins)

    Buy a costume from the shop, and get the appropriate key for that costume. (From the person you find on your laptop)

    I tried the doctor uniform and break in! The others may also work, but I am not sure about it...

  3. jayjay

    Dec 13 2009 19:06

    Reply to jayjay

    i got through i collected all 10 coins then i got a helth key which was from the guy asking for an hampster on the laptop and then the guy gave the key
    store then go to get the doctor costume and then the wh and pick the answers im noton the list then say i spoke with wh social secretary and then ur a crasher l0l

  4. soruman 2

    Dec 18 2009 01:27

    Reply to soruman 2

    i collected all 10 coins picked doctor costume got health key said the biden is chocking and that im a party crasher and i won

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