Wine Room Escape

Wine Room Escape

Genre(s): Room Escape Games, Added by : soruman, Dec 26 2009 02:04,
Tags : point & click, room escape

Wine Room Escape is another new point & click room escape game from Although the original game is in Japanese there is an English version.  You are stuck in a room and need to find a way to go out. Find items & clues you find arround to escape. Have fun!

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  1. sara

    Dec 26 2009 02:17

    Reply to sara

    1. Take the book on floor. Something needs to be erased
    2. Look at door. There is something under the numbers. Click it an dget red key.
    3. Go right. Click under left airchair to get pliers. Take rubber between chairs.
    4. Go right. Take blue key behind drawer. Click left of it. Take first glass of wine. Open blue locker and take wineglass no 2 and knife. Open red locker and take wineglass no 3 and hammer.
    5. Go right and take wineglass no 4. Solve the puzzlebox. Turn the nine pieces to one big. Open and take yellow key.
    Look under table. Use pliers to get stick.
    6. Go right and use rubber at book. Look at code. There´s a darker line in the middle. Remember that.
    7. Go right. Use knife at picture. Get blue star. Use hammer at the black hole at picture. Back. Take red star. Use stick to reach yellow star.
    8. Go right and open yellow locker. Take Wine 5 and the scissors.
    Go left. Use scissors at the present. Get red star.
    9. Go left and put in the stars at wall in following order. Don´t know how. I guessed.
    From left: green, yellow, blue, red. Look at the hint. Turn yuor head to left and think of the hint in book. Put a line in the middle of every square and you got numbers. 8536.
    10. Go to door and put code in codebox. Push red dot. Back and click on doorhandle."

    i’ve found it on and want to share with you.

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