Zacks Hardware

Zacks Hardware

Genre(s): Tower Defense Games, Added by : soruman, May 10 2010 22:48,
Tags : tower defense, tower defence, defence, defense,

Zecks Hardware is a new tower defence game with a classic game play but great & funny graphics! As in all tower defense games, your goal is to shoot down the upcoming hordes of enemies on each of the levels. You play the role of an unluck toy inventory who has to defend himself from his creations. Construct your towers to shoot down 12 waves of enemies on each of 7 levels before they get to the wardrobe you're hiding in and turn it to shreds.

Each consecutive wave is more difficult so you must constantly improve your defence. For every level you have a limited amount of hit points, and you lose if its number reaches zero.

Good luck & have fun!

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