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Block Bash 2 Cheats,Hints,Guide,Help,How to Discussions

Block Bash 2

The most simple & addicting game that I've played recently.

Socol, A Relaxing Game, Discuss Hints,Tips,Help,How to,Guide,Cheats,Guide,Walkthrough


Socol is all about mood. It is a nice stress killer. Turn on the sound and lose yourself in sound and color.

Cannonman Cheats,Hints,Tips,Guide,Help,How to,Walkthrough Discussions


You are the human cannonball. You get shot out of a cannon and you need to pass through hoops, collect items and even bounce on trampolines to score points

Halloween Tripeaks Cheats,Tips,Help,Guide,How to,Tips,Walkthrough Discussions

Halloween Tripeaks


A Halloween themed tripeaks solitaire game with well drawn graphic art...


Miami Shark Cheats,Hints,Tips,Guide,Help,Walkthrough Discussions

Miami Shark

Play as the shark and do some carnage! Jump on boats and things to break them! Try to bite aircrafts and pull them down!

Cyto Life Cheats, Tips, Glitches, Help & Guide Discussions


Lead the life of a microscopic organism as you swim through the cytoplasm searching for food.

Mystics Worlds Solutions, Answers, How to, Help, Hints, Tips

Mystic Worlds Spot the Difference

A new spot the differenced game. Look for differences in shades, in details or just in front of you.

Play Rail Typer, Share Cheats, Hints, Tips, Help & Glitches

Rail Typer

A typing defense game for the ones who are fast on keyboard.

Play Clockwords Word Game, Discuss Special Words, Word of the Day and more...

Clockwords Word Game

Clockwords is a typing defense game in which you defend your laboratory by typing words

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