List of Platform Games

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Best Friends Forever 3 Walkthrough,Guide,Help,Cheats,Hints,Tips

Best Friends Forever 3

Best Friends Forever 3 is a new little puzzle platformer in which you help the miners who are stuck in a mine.

Time Sphere Walkthrough,Guide,Help,Hints,Tips,Cheats

Time Sphere

A new puzzle platformer game in which you have the ability to shoot time spheres that freezes time of all things inside them.

Home Sheep Home Walkthrough,Guide,Help,Hints,Tips,Cheats

Home sheep home

Home sheep home is a new & really cute platform puzzler in which you have to help Shaun, Timmy, and Shirley work together to get home safely to the barn. 

Sideways Walkthrough,Guide,Cheats,Help


Sideways is a new puzzle platformer from David Silver that is constructed on the gravity shifting idea.

AltShift Lite Walkthrough,Guide,Help,Cheats,Hints,Tips

AltShift Lite

An excellent puzzle platformer that combines platformer & puzzle elements, gravity shifting and some new game features together.

Seasons Walkthrough,Guide,Help,Cheats,Hints,Tips


Seasons is a slow-paced, story-driven platform adventure game about the power of imagination and storytelling.

Daisy in Wonderland Walkthrough,Guide,Help,Cheats,Hints,Tips

Daisy in Wonderland

It's all about a comely girl called Daisy who has managed to get stuck between dimensions.

This is the only level too Walkthrough,Cheats,Help,How to,Hints

This is the only level too

The elephant is back in this sequel to the first This is the only level game. A fun & addicting puzzle platformer from Armor Games.

Aubital Walkthrough,Guide,Help,Cheats


 A lonely robot has been freed from slavery by a mysterious friend. Explore the dark to escape and discover what terrible deeds his captors have perpetrated

Primary Walkthrough,Cheats,Help,How to,Hints,Guide


Primary is an excellent action platformer with some mind-bending puzzle elements.

Hats Walkthrough,Guide,Help,Hints,Tips,Cheats


Hats is a new puzzle platformer in which you play as a wizard who has different hats each with different powers and need to reach the exit on each level.

The Maze Temple Walkthrough,Guide,Help,Cheats,Hints,Tips,How to

The Maze Temple

Go through the maze, collect coins, grab the treasure and escape.

Crazy Rabbit: Dino Park Walkthrough,Cheats,Help,How to,Hints

Crazy Rabbit: Dino Park

A new & really entertaining microphone controlled platformer game.

Unfair Mario Walkthrough,Guide,Cheats,Hints,Tips,Traps

Unfair Mario

Do you think that Super Mario is too easy for you? Then try Unfair Mario.

FuryFury Walkthrough,Guide,Help,How to,Hints,Cheats


FuryFury! is funny and positive platformer puzzle with original bonuses. Cry, jump, be fury! The controls are arrows and spacebar.

Huje Adventure Walkthrough,Guide,Cheats,Help,How to,Hints,Tips

Huje Adventure

The Hujos are back with this fun & entertaining physics based puzzle platformer.

Wall Walker Walkthrough,Guide,Cheats,Help,How to,Hints

Wall Walker

A new & intersting puzzle platformer based on gravity shifting and played in a isometric world.

Recoil Walkthrough,Guide,Help,How to,Hints,Tips,Cheats


Recoil is a new platformer game that you can't just lose! It is a game of trying over and over again

Red and Blue Balls Walkthrough,Video Walkthrough,Guide,Help,Cheats,How to,Hints

Red and Blue Balls

A difficult platform puzzle game in which you have to let the blue & red balls reach blue & red dimaonds.

Jones Platformer Walkthrough,Cheats,Help,How to,Hints

Jones Platformer

Jones is a hard platformer! But if you get used to it you will be having much fun!

List of Platform Games

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