List of Strategy Games

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Dutamasa Battle Walkthrough,Guide,Cheats,Help,How to,Hints,Tips

Dutamasa Battle

A turn based RPG game from Belugerin Stuidos, the developers of sucessfull games like Imperium 2 & the last village.

NiM Master Walkthrough,Guide,Help,Hints,Tips

NiM Master

Nim is a classic game of strategy. Variants of the game have been played since ancient times. Two players take turns removing stones from distinct rows and try to remove the last stone.

Back2Back Walkthrough,Cheats,Guide,Help,How to,Hints,Tips


Lead a squad of space marines through many unique levels and survive the massive attacks of bloodthirsty robot hordes to escape the hell of abandoned planet.

Wisps of Twilight Glade Walkthrough,Guide,Help,How to,Hints,Tips,Cheats

Wisps of Twilight Glade

Wisps of Twilight Glade is a risk-like turn-based strategy game where you take control of magic spirits and struggle for domination of the glade.

Kingdoms Nobility Walkthrough,Guide,Help,Cheats,How to,Hints,Tips

Kingdoms Nobility

Kingdoms Nobility is a slow paced city building / economy management game developed by blue-omega games and sponsored by

Mothership Warfare Walkthrough,Guide,Cheats,Help,How to,Hints,Tips

Mothership Warfare

Mothership Warfare is a kind of strategy game. The goal of the game is to destroy the enemy mothership by changing the force balance displayed upper on the screen.

Body Defence Walkthrough,Guide,Cheats,Hints,Tips,Help,How to

Body Defence

A new tower defence game with 10 different maps and a funny gameplay.

Sim Air Traffic Walkthrough,Cheats,Help,How to,Hints,Tips,Guide,Solution

Sim Air Traffic

A really addicting strategy game in which you manage the air traffic!

Penguin Massacre Walkthrough,Guide,Cheats,Help,How to,Hints,Tips

Penguin Massacre

Defend your igloo and keep shooting the penguins with bigger and better guns, simple as that!

Dragon Slayers 2 Walkthrough,Cheats,Guide,Help,How to,Hints,Tips

Dragon Slayers 2

The dragons are back again. Firebreathing down your door and bent on revenge since you slew thier scaly cousins during the last dragon assault.

Troy Walkthrough,Cheats,Guide,Help,How to,Hints,Tips


Troy is under siege! You must fight eneemy hordes to defend this mighty fortress. Rewrite history and your name will become legend!

Battle of Lemolad Cheats,Walkthrough,Guide,Help,How to,Hints,Tips

Battle of Lemolad

A game that combines strategy and match-3 puzzles together.

Galactic Colonization Walkthrough,Strategy Guide,Cheats,How to Help,Hints

Galactic Colonization

A game about strategy and defense. Do you have what it takes to conquer the universe? Let the colonization begin!

Battalion: Ghost Walkthrough,Strategy Guide,Help,Hints,Tips,Cheats Discussions

Battalion: Ghosts

Battalion Ghosts is a  turn based strategy game in which you control a army ground,sea and air forces to defeat the enemy and to fullfil mission requirements.


Imperium 2 Tips,Cheats,Help,Guide,How to,Walkthrough,Hints

Imperium 2

A real time top quality resource management game. Conquer all areas in Dogland Island. Build an empire, train soldiers, create weapons and expand your territory.

Diner City Game guide,Cheats,Help,Walkthrough,Hints,Tips,Tricks,How to Discussions

Diner City

Diner City is tycoon-strategy game in which you are going to start your own restaurant business.

Bloons Tower Defense 4 Strategy,Guide,Walkthrough,Help,How to,Cheats,Hints,Tips Discussions

Bloons Tower Defense 4

The newest version of the Bloons Tower Defense serie, a game that born from the popular and successful game Bloons.

The Last Village Cheats,Help,How to,Walkthrough,Guide,Hints,Tips,Strategy Discussions

The Last Village


A turn based strategy game in which you are trying to defend your last standing village as the chief of an ancient Indian Apache tribe.


Spectromancer Cheats,Hints,Tips,Guide,Walkthrough,How to Discussions


Fight against the other mages in a fantasy world in this simple & high quality turn based card game.


Life Force TD Cheats,Guide,Walkthrough,Hints,Tips,How to Discussions

Life Force TD


A new tower defence game with satisfactory graphics, good sound effects! The only drawback is that it is really diffult!


List of Strategy Games

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