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Kerixep Level Solutions, Walkthrough,Help,Hints,Tips,Guide,Cheats


Simple idea, simple gameplay, simple graphics but an excellent and addicting puzzle game. 

Intruder Walkthrough,Solution,Help,How to,Guide,Hints,Tips,Cheats


Intruder is an excellent horror game that really makes you feel the fear!

Street King Cheats,Help,How to,Guide,Tips,Tricks Discussions

Street King


A classic beat-em-up game that'll have you at the edge of your seat.


Spectromancer Cheats,Hints,Tips,Guide,Walkthrough,How to Discussions


Fight against the other mages in a fantasy world in this simple & high quality turn based card game.


Obechi Cheats,Hints,Tips,Guide,Help,How to Discussions


Obechi is a new simple but awesome puzzle game from Danny Miller & Tim Halbert the creators of the Flash sensation Boomshine

Train Car Room Escape Walkthrough,Solution,Help,Hints,Tips,Guide,Cheats Discussions

Train Car Room Escape

You got trapped in the automated train car room as the system failure occurs in the train. You will have to escape from the train car room by utilizing the objects.

R.I.P. Level Solutions,Walkthrough,Help,How to,Tips,Hints,Guide,Cheats Discussions


A new addicting puzzle game in which you are trying to save the troubled souls. 


Casino Escape Walkthrough,Help,Guide,Hints,Tips,Solution

Casino Escape


The 103th point & click room escape game from 123bee with nice graphics and satisfactory puzzles.


Villa Escape 2 Walkthrough,Help,Hints,Tips,Guide,Solution,How to

Villa Escape 2 (Episode 2)

A new point & click room escape game from Escape Fever. It is the sequel to the first Villa Escape game.

The Tree Fall Level codes (pass codes),tips,hints,cheats,guide,help,walkthrough,how to

The Free Fall


The Free Fall is an arcade-platformer game with nice graphics and a calm background music. It is a fun little time waster for bored gamers! 


This is the only level walkthrough,solution,help,hints,tips,guide,how to

This is the only level

The best one level game I've ever seen! Can you figure out how to beat the only level?

Hallo Ween2 Help,Walkthrough,Guide,Hints,Tips,Cheats,How to

Hallo Ween2

Another new point & click adventure game by the famous japanese developer mino to.

Life Force TD Cheats,Guide,Walkthrough,Hints,Tips,How to Discussions

Life Force TD


A new tower defence game with satisfactory graphics, good sound effects! The only drawback is that it is really diffult!


Helio Adventures Cheats,Walkthrough,Solutions,Guide,Help,Hints,Tips Discussions

Helio Adventures


A platform-puzzle game where you have to avoid the bad guys, collects stars and rescue the trapped ballons on 16 unique levels.


Halloween Tripeaks Cheats,Tips,Help,Guide,How to,Tips,Walkthrough Discussions

Halloween Tripeaks


A Halloween themed tripeaks solitaire game with well drawn graphic art...


Hidden Numbers Game Walkthrough,Help,Where is,Hints,How to,Cheats,Guide,Discussions

Hidden Numbers

A new point & click hidden object game from Games2Rule. A 3 minute game ideal for a coffee break!

Miami Shark Cheats,Hints,Tips,Guide,Help,Walkthrough Discussions

Miami Shark

Play as the shark and do some carnage! Jump on boats and things to break them! Try to bite aircrafts and pull them down!

Methus Tower Defence Cheats,Hints,Tips,Help,Guide,Walkthrough,Solution Discussions

Methus' Tower Defence

An interesting tower defense game with 20 challenging levels with fascinating graphics and sound effects and an innovative game play.


Colorfill Solutions,Cheats,Tips,Hints,Help,Guide,Walkthrough,How to Discussions


A new addicting puzzle game similiar to the popular one Chain Rxn.

Art Gallery Escape Walkthrough,hints,tips,help,solution,guide,how to discussions

Art Gallery Escape

Out of much interest in admiring the paintings in the art gallery, you didn’t realize that you are been locked inside. So use the objects and clues over there to escape from the art gallery.

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