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Spa Escape 2, Walkthrough, Solution, Hints, Tips, Help, Where is, How to, Guide Discussions

Spa Escape 2

Being in spa is great, but it´s not that enjoyable without special procedures, so to leave the spa you have to find eight cucumber slices to make your vacation perfect.

Play Escraft Room Escape, Walkthrough, Solution, Hints, Tips, Guide, How to Discussions


A new point & click room escape game with bright & cute graphic art. It is a perfect beginning if you never played room escape games before.

Crazy Go Nuts 2, Request Video Solutions, Help, Hints, Tips, Guide, Walkthrough and more...

Crazy Go Nuts 2

Shoot your squirrel out of a cannon to collect as many nuts as you can. Collect stars, or hit birds and hidden baddies to boost your multiplier.

Play Evolution Game, Share Hints, Tips, Tricks you discover...


Grow beetles, breed beetles produce the ultimate beetle in this addicting strategy game.

The Insanity Walkthrough, Hints, Tips, Guide, Help, Solution , Answers

The insanity

An adventure game that consists of full of horror. Not suitable for underage players...

Back to the Cubture, Text Walkthrough, Video Walkthrough, Hints, Tips, Guide, Help, How to discussions

Back to the Cubeture

Back to the Cubeture is a new & perfectly designed adventure game with great pixel graphics and perfect sound effects.

Kooky Cabin, Share Walkthrough, Hints, Tips, Help, How to, guide, solution

Kooky Cabin Escape

After your stress-induced nervous break-down, Crazy Aunt Lilly insisted you take some time out and relax at her holiday cabin. But something is odd here, and when you try to leave you find yourself trapped. Can you escape?

Demolution City 2, Share Cheats, Solutions, Tips, Hints, Helps, Guide, How to

Demolition City 2

Demolish buildings all over the world. Strategically place different explosives on a building or tower and take it down under the goal line.

Morning Star Walkthrough,Guide,Help,Hints,Tips


Morning Star is an excellent point & click adventure game released by BubbleBox.

The Ballad of Ketinetto, Video Walkthrough, Walkthrough, Help, Answers, Guide, Tips, Tricks, Solution

The Ballad of Ketinetto 4

An excellent icon adventure from Federico Rutenberg, the creator of the famous Serie Esklavos.

Yard Escape 2, Watch the Video Walkthrough, Hints, Tips, Guide, Help, Solution Discussions

Yard Escape 2

It's been a long weekend and the after the picnic there are several things missing, find them before you can leave to the city!

A Cup of Tea Hidden Object Game, Walkthrough and Video Walkthrough available, Hints, Tips, Help, Guide, Solution Discussions

A Cup of Tea Hidden Object Game

You invited your friend into your place in order to drink a cup of Ceylon tea. But all the leaves are missing. So you need to find 16 leaves and you need to do it fast before your friend arrives.

Play Assembler 4 online, Addicting puzzle game.

Assembler 4

A new addicting puzzle game what will nail you to your seat for hours...

Find the numbers challange 34 Solutions, Walkthrough, Hints, Tips, Guide, Help, How to, Where is Discussions

Find the Numbers Challange 34

Analyze your power of observation by finding out the numbers which are in various forms. For each accurate click,score will get increased and for wrong click,score will get reduced. Try to find out the numbers within given duration.

Ski Chalet Escape 2, Walkthrough, Hints, Tips, Help, Guide, Solution Discussions

Ski Chalet Escape 2

You woke up in a chalet located in Swiss Alps and the door is locked! Can you figure out how to escape?

Play Freebees, Solutions, Guide, Help, Walkthrough, Hints, Tips


A new puzzle game with a good art, great gameplay and innovative idea.

Play Kidnapped by Pharoah, Walkthrough, Hints, Tips, Guide, Solution, Question and Answers

Kidnapped by Pharoah

A new point & click room escape type game from Flonga. You find yourself in Egypt. You don't know what the year is. What is happening? You should get out there...

Spin the Black Circle 2 Solutions,Answers,Cheats, Hints, Tips, Walkthrough & Guide Discussions

Spin The Black Circle 2

A new puzzle game from Bubblebox. Avoid the deadly traps, and guide the ball to the exit.

Saw 4 - Trapped the game Walkthrough,Help,Hints

Saw 4 - Trapped the game

Save the victims from the trap of Jigsaw by giving them ther right tools in the right order.

Fish for Food, Cheats, Help, Hints, Tips, Guide Discussions

Fish for Food

Meet Freddie the Fish! He lives deep in the ocean, and he is on a mission to become the biggest fish in the sea!

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