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Play The Glean of Glob, Walkthrough, Discussion,Guide, Tips, How to & Help

The Glean of Glob

An unusual, surreal point & click adventure game.

Play Squirrel in River Walkthrough, Guide, Help! Ask your Questions!

Squirrel in River

Another simple point & click game from Mino To. Find the objects and solve the puzzles to help the squirrel.

Play Magic Zen Garden, Discuss Hints, Tips, Cheats & Guide.

Magic Zen Garden

A bejeweled like puzzle game that worths to play.

Play Pyro 2, Watch the video walkthroughs, discuss levels, hints, cheats, tips & glitches

Pyro 2

Pyro II is a new puzzle game with 50 levels + a 10 level bonus pack.

Play Clockwords Word Game, Discuss Special Words, Word of the Day and more...

Clockwords Word Game

Clockwords is a typing defense game in which you defend your laboratory by typing words

Amateur Ninja Level Maps, Walkthrough, Cheats, Hints, Tips, Guide, Help, Treasure Locations

Amateur Ninja

An arcade puzzle game with excellent graphics, sound effects and background music for this type.

Play Twirl and Hurl, Hints, Tips, Cheats, Solutions, Walkthrough

Twirl and Hurl

Guide the little blind dude from one side of the screen to the other, collecting candies and avoiding baddies.

Play Sassy Cat Escape, Watch the Video Walkthrough, Discussions, Hints, Tips, Guide

Sassy Cat Escape

Collect the items and use them in right places. Listen to the cat!

Play Lego Search, Text and Video Walkthrough is available! Hints, Cheats, Help, Guide.

Lego Search Game

Find the truck parts hidden arround the room.

Bling Bling Room, Walkthrough, Video Walkthrough, Guide, Hints, Tips

Bling Bling Room

Hate or love Rap music, but you have to admit the big fishes have lot of money...

Jail Escape 1.1 Discussion on Walkthrough, Guide, Hints & Tips

Jail Escape 1.1

You just woke up in a jail and you don't remember anything. You are condemned to death and have only a few minutes of life.

Play Princess Escape, Watch the video walkthrough, and share your oppinion!

Princess Room Escape

You are the wizard of the lost world and you are trapped inside the sleeping princess'room. Use your magic skills to wake up the princess, escape and return home

Play Pub Escape! Discuss Walkthrough, Hints, Tips, Solution & Guide

Pub Escape

You have fallen asleep in the pub, when you wake up you find yourself trapped in it! Can you escape?

Play Ragdoll Cannon Level Pack, Request solution videos for any level!

Ragdoll Cannon Level Pack

Shoot the ragdoll guy from the cannon and try to hit the target!

Play Destroy the Wall 3, Solution Videos for Levels, Guide, Tips & Tricks and more!

Destroy the Wall 3

Get rid of the required number of blocks by throwing your ball either to them, or somewhere else!

Pirate Ship Destroyer, Text and Video Walkthrough available! Discuss Cheats, Walkthrough, Guide, Hints, Tips

Pirate Ship Destroyer

Try to find these 7 Cannons in order to destroy 7 pirate ships and make the worlds waters more safe!

Play Pipe:3 Return, Discussions on walkthrough, cheats, hints, tips.

Pipe 3:Return

The alien has got in accident and needs your help to get back home.
Assemble a new spaceship and calculate a route of flight

Play Mirror Escape, Discuss Walkthrough, Hints, Tips and Guide.

Mirror Escape 4

A new room escape game from Stoneage Games.

Play Max Connect, Solution,Walkthrough videos of all levels, hints, tips & tricks, guide

Max Connect

A brain twisting puzzle game with 25 levels.  It starts off easy, and gets really hard as you progress.

Play Dead Frontier: Outbreak. Discussions, Walkthrough, Guide, Tips & Hints.

Dead Frontier: Outbreak

Dear Frontier: Outbreak is an excellent text-adventure game that made me suspensed and excited in the last 30 minutes.

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