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Bug War 2 Walkthrough,Help,Cheats,Hints

Bug War 2

Enter the territory of hungry ants and roaches in this new strategy game.

Belial Walkthrough,Solution,Help


Belial, son of Lucifer attempts to take over hell from Satan. His power isn't enough though, so he was sent to Earth powerless. He must now find his horns, tail and wings to exact his revenge.

Clan Wars The Green Goblin Forest Walkthrough,Guide,Cheats,Help,Hints

Clan Wars: The Green Goblin Forest

A new & challenging strategy game with lots of units, unit & tower upgrades, spells, heroes and a challenging game play.

TimeFaze Walkthrough,Solutions,Help


TimeFaze is a new,challenging and addicting puzzle platformer that gives you power over time itself.

Annie and Marks Adventure Walkthrough,Solution,Help

Annie and Marks Adventure

Annie and Marks Adventure is a new physics based puzzle game

Dummy Never Fails Walkthrough,Help,Solutions,Cheats

Dummy Never Fails

Dummy Never Fails is a new physics based puzzle/ragdoll game created by Israel Alvarez Carrion and Xavier Heras Division, the Tanoku team.

Ultimate War Walkthrough,Cheats,Guide,Help

Ultimate War

A new turn based strategy game that you can command the wars in real time.

Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands Flash Game Cheats,Walkthrough,Help

Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands Flash Game

Prince of Persia the forgotten sands is the advertorial flash version of the desktop game Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands. 

Shrink it falling Walkthrough,Solutions,Help

Shrink it falling

Shrink it falling is the second installment of the physics based puzzle game Shrink it.

Enough Plumbers Walkthrough,Solutions,Help

Enough Plumbers

Create clones, exploit special abilities, then control them all simultaneously in order to reach the end flag in each level. 

King of the Rocks Walkthrough,Guide,Help,Hints,Cheats

King of the Rocks

King of the Rocks is a new real time strategy game that requires fast thinking and excellence in strategy skills.

Eridani Guide,Cheats,Help,Hints


Eridani is a space based real time strategy where you build your base round the edges of planets

The House 2 Walkthrough,Help,Hints,Solution

The House 2

The House 2 is a new point & click horror adventure that may result a night full of sleeplessness. Both the photographic arts, background music, sound effects and the story itself is really scary and makes you feel that you are in an horror movie. 

Skybolt Walkthrough,Help,Cheats,Hints


Good news for strategy genre lowers, 2nd strategy game of today is Skybolt.

Little Stars Little Wars Walkthrough,Help,Hints,Cheats

Little Stars Little Wars

A new, simple but addictive strategy game that will hold you in front of the computer for hours!

Brick Square Head Walkthrough,Help,Guide,Cheats,Hints

Brick Square Head

A new & funny puzzle platformer with a new twist.

Screw the Nut Walkthrough,Solutions,Help,How to

Screw the Nut

A new physics based puzzle game with 25 challenging levels.

Bomb's Vacation Walkthrough,Solutions,Help

Bomb's Vacation

A new physics based puzzle game with 20 challenging levels.

Explosioneer Walkthrough,Cheats,Guide,Help,How to


Expolsioneer is a new skill based arcade game that requires fast thinking & acting.

Destroy the Village Walkthrough,Guide,Help

Destroy the Village

Destoy the Village is a new & addictive physics based game in which you lead a rocket towards the village and take down the target number of villagers

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