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Talesworth Adventure Walkthrough,Solutions,Help

Talesworth Adventure: Quest for the Dragon's Hoard

Talesworth Adventure: Quest for the Dragon's Hoard is a new puzzle game created by Sean Gailey which challanges you to help Questy slay the Dragon of Talesworth and snatch his hoard of loot. 

Sydney Shark Cheats,Help,Hints,Walkthrough

Sydney Shark

An excellent action game featuring excellent graphics and the whole Sydney to destroy.

Volt Connect Walkthrough,Solutions,Help,Hints

Volt Connect

A nice & entertaining physics based puzzle game thatg requires master degree puzzle solving skills and fast acting.

Multiball Walkthrough,Solutions,Help,How to


Multiball is a new physics based cannon shooting type puzzle game.

La Regina di Ripicche Walkthrough,Solutions,Help,Hints

La Regina di Ripicche

La Regina di Ripicche is a new & well made puzzle game set in an affluent Royal Residence.

Neverland Walkthrough,Help,Hints,Differences


Neverland is a new point & click spot the difference game features pictures drawn from novel by Douglas Clegg, with illustrations by Glenn Chadbourne. Explore the supernatural mysteries of the shack called Neverland, a place where games of innocence turn to darkness.

Help! It's the Unfinished Shadow Game Walkthrough,Help,Hints,Solution

Help! It's the Unfinished Shadow Game

Help! It's the Unfinished Shadow Game is a nice little arcade puzzle in which you try to collect all 34 stars in 8 different rooms to be able to enter the room that leads to freedom. 

The Constructor Walkthrough,Cheats,Help,Hints,Tips

The Constructor

The Constructor is a management strategy game similiar to the popular casual game build-a-lot in which you build, rent, and sell your own buildings.

Super Stacker Walkthrough,Solutions,Help,Hints,How to

Super Stacker

Super Stacker is another new physics based stacker puzzle featuring 12 stacker levels.

Totem Breaker Walkthrough,Solutions,Help,How to,Hints

Totem Breaker

Totem Breaker, a physics based puzzle game developed by Denis Sokolov is offering you hours of fun for free

Penguins Attack TD 2 Guide,Cheats,Help,Hints,How to

Penguins Attack TD 2

Penguins Attack TD 2 is the second installment of When Penguins Attack Tower Defense game again with funny graphic arts and sound effects and with a challenging game play. 

The Rainy Day Walkthrough,Help,Solution

The Rainy Day

A short point & click adventure game to spend 10 minutes of your life.

Nob War: The Elves Cheats,Guide,Walkthrough,Hints,Tips

Nob War: The Elves

Conquer all 20 castles and achieve a victory for the elves.

Kill me! Walkthrough,Help,Hints

Kill me!

Kill me is a new puzzle platformer with a masochist but funny idea.

Flaming Zombooka Walkthrough,Solution,Help,Hints,How to

Flaming Zombooka

A new physics based shooting puzzle with bloody but funny cartoon graphics.

Trap a Tuna Cheats,Help,Hints,Walkthrough,Guide

Trap a Tuna


Trap a Tuna is a new and entertaining fishing game.


Love to Jump 2 Cheats,Help,Hints,Tricks

Love to Jump 2

Love to Jump 2 is an arcade game in which you show your excellence with trampoline jumps and complete special moves & combos to earn points.

Fortress Guardian 2 Cheats,Help,Hints,Walkthrough

Fortress Guardian 2

The second installment of the first person shooter game Fortress Guardian is released...

War Spheres Walkthrough,Help,Hints,Cheats,Tips

War Spheres

War Spheres is an addicting mix of real time strategy & shooter genres.

Caz-Away Walkthrough,Help,Hints,Cheats


Help Caz to sruvive and escape from the desert island. 

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