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Zebra aka Einstein's Puzzle Walkthrough,Help,Guide,Hints,Tips

Zebra aka Einstein's Puzzle

The Zebra Puzzle is a well known logic puzzle. It is often called Einstein's Puzzle or Einstein's Riddle because it is said to have been invented by Albert Einstein as a boy.

Don't Save the Princess Walkthrough,Guide,Help,Hints,Cheats

Don't Save the Princess

Don't Save the Princess is a new & funny puzzle game where your goal is to NOT to save the princess. 

Fortress Guardian Cheats,Walkthrough,Guide,Help,How to,Hints

Fortress Guardian

An evil clan of orcs are tormenting the people and want to control the land. You have stepped up to protect the people. Protect your people and your city walls from the evil clan of orcs.


Libra Walkthrough,Solutions,Hints,Help,How to,Cheats


A puzzle game that combines balancing puzzles and tetris together.

Rise of the Tower Walkthrough,Guide,Help,How to,Hints,Tips,Cheats

Rise of the Tower

A good tower defnese game with a unique idea. Defend your tower from upcoming hordes of enemies and try to stand as longs as possible.


Play Dead Frontier: Outbreak. Discussions, Walkthrough, Guide, Tips & Hints.

Dead Frontier: Outbreak

Dear Frontier: Outbreak is an excellent text-adventure game that made me suspensed and excited in the last 30 minutes.

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