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Free Icecream Walkthrough,Help,Hitns,Tips,Guide,Solution, How to Discussions

Free Icecream

Free Icecream is a short but cute point & click adventure game developed as an assignment for a class

Child Alien Walkthrough,Help,Guide,Solution,Hints,Tips,How to

Child Alien


Another new point & click adventure game by the Japanese developer mino to. Simple and easy as much again cute and fun to play.


Intruder Walkthrough,Solution,Help,How to,Guide,Hints,Tips,Cheats


Intruder is an excellent horror game that really makes you feel the fear!

The Insanity Walkthrough, Hints, Tips, Guide, Help, Solution , Answers

The insanity

An adventure game that consists of full of horror. Not suitable for underage players...

Back to the Cubture, Text Walkthrough, Video Walkthrough, Hints, Tips, Guide, Help, How to discussions

Back to the Cubeture

Back to the Cubeture is a new & perfectly designed adventure game with great pixel graphics and perfect sound effects.

Morning Star Walkthrough,Guide,Help,Hints,Tips


Morning Star is an excellent point & click adventure game released by BubbleBox.

The Ballad of Ketinetto, Video Walkthrough, Walkthrough, Help, Answers, Guide, Tips, Tricks, Solution

The Ballad of Ketinetto 4

An excellent icon adventure from Federico Rutenberg, the creator of the famous Serie Esklavos.

Adventurers Escape, Walkthrough, Cheats, Hints, Tips, How to, help

Adventurers Escape 2

After crossing the river successfully, adventurers feel it difficult to continue their forest trip as the night time is fast approaching; they also are struggling for food and shelter.

Mutiny On Devils Island, Walkthrough, Guide, Help, Hints, Tips, just ask for them!

Mutiny on Devils Island

A short and easy point & click adventure game that will keep you busy for 5 mins...

Play Pipe:3 Return, Discussions on walkthrough, cheats, hints, tips.

Pipe 3:Return

The alien has got in accident and needs your help to get back home.
Assemble a new spaceship and calculate a route of flight

Play Dead Frontier: Outbreak. Discussions, Walkthrough, Guide, Tips & Hints.

Dead Frontier: Outbreak

Dear Frontier: Outbreak is an excellent text-adventure game that made me suspensed and excited in the last 30 minutes.

Play Andy Aztec Treasure, Discuss Hints, Tips and Guide...

Andy Aztec Treasure

Andy, the little Indiana Jones is on the search of the ancient treasure.Would you help him on his journey?

Play Abuba the Alien, Discussions, Walkthrough, Guide, Solution & Video

Abuba the Alien

A little alien Abuba is stuck on our world and needs your help to get back to his home.

Alice is dead, Walkthrough and video walkthrough is available, solution,hints,tips,help,guide,how to discussions

Alice is Dead

Legit Games takes Alice in Wonderland from a different point and created a new point & click adventure game for us.

Showing games tagged with adventure

Showing 61-74 out of 74... First Prev 1 2 3 4

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