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Cryptoquote Walkthrough,Solutions,Help,Hints,Tips


Cryptoquote is a new challenging word puzzle game that consists of short pieces of encrypted text and the aim of the game is to decrypt these texts.

Aztec Mind Walkthrough,Solutions,Help,How to,Hints

Aztec Mind

A new & addicting slider puzzle with extremely hard levels, good looking graphics.

Prizma Puzzle 2 Walkthrough,Video Walkthrough,Guide,Help,Cheats,Hints,Solutions

Prizma Puzzle 2


A challenging logic puzzle game in which you try to hit all finishing nodes without crossing your path.


Scent Trail Bot Walkthrough,Guide,Help,Solutions,How to,Hints,Tips

Scent Trail Bot

An excellent but really hard logic puzzle game.

Simian Shard Walkthrough,Guide,Help,How to,Cheats

Simian Shard

A fun & fast paced puzzle game.

Puzzing Walkthrough,Solutions,Help,How to,Hints,Tips,Cheats


There is quite a challenge for your logic, nice graphics to please the eye and soft sound effects.

A Miner Problem Walkthrough,Guide,Hints,Tips,Help,How to,Gold Medal Solutions

A Miner Problem

An addicting puzzle game in which you are trying to match at least three of the same blocks by sliding!

Gridz Grid 2 Walkthrough,Solutions,Guide,Help,How to,Hints,Tips

Gridz Grid 2.0

Another new challange for games4bored members. An addicting puzzle game with 40 challenging levels.

Biklo Walkthrough,Solutions,Cheats,Guide,Help,How to Discussions


Biklo is a new challenging & addicting puzzle game with a simple goal but difficult solutions!

Newtonian Walkthrough,Solutions,Level Solutions,Guide,Help,How to,Cheats Discussions


A new simple but challenging physics based puzzle game.

Leaps Walkthrough,Solutions,Help,How to! Let's solve it together!


A new simple but challenging puzzle game that will keep you busy for a couple of hours.

Mechanism 2 Walkthrough,Solutions,Guide,Help,Hints,Tips,How to,Cheats Discussions

Mechanism 2

A new physics based point & click puzzle game.

Afflux, Stuck on a level? Video Walkthrough,Solutions,Guide,Help,Hints,Tips,Guide,How to Discussions


A challenging physics based puzzle game in which you try to guide the plant fluffs to land their pots safely using the provided shapes and equipment.

Showing games tagged with challenging

Showing 1-13 out of 13...

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