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Connect It Walkthrough,Solutions,Help,Hints

Connect It

Connect the wires with the metal bolt by dropping the gears on right places. A challenging logic puzzle for a brain workout.

Spacetrace Answers,Clues,Walkthrough,Help,Hints


Spacetrace is a new & relaxing riddle type word puzzle with a unique twist

Mechanics Walkthrough,Help,Hints,Solutions,How to


Mechanics is a new physics based puzzle game with 21 easy levels offering you an hour of entertainment.

Particlz Walkthrough,Solutions,Help,Hints,How to


Particlz is a new challenging logic puzzle game with 21 built-in levels + a level editor that allows you to create & share your own levels.

Reflections Solutions,Help,Hints,Walkthrough


Reflections is a new & relaxing puzzle game in which you try to move the fluids from sources into targets in 17 challenging levels and 2 game modes

Casuality 2 Walkthrough,Help,Solution,Hints

Casuality 2

A new point & click puzzle game with simple graphics yet funny game play.

Da Vinci Cannon Walkthrough,Help,Hints,Solutions

Da Vinci Cannon

Da Vinci Cannon is a physics based crush the castle type game in which you have to kill all the enemies by bringing their castle down.

Light Up Walkthrough,Solutions,Hints,Help

Light Up

Light Up is a new & relaxing physics based puzzle game where your goal is to light up all the transparent spheres by making them touch already lit ones. 

Colliderix Walkthrough,Solutions,Help,How to,Hints


Colliderix is a new physics based puzzle game in which your goal is to make green and red blocks must collide with their corresponding blocks.

Fly Away Rabbit Walkthrough,Solutions,Help,Hints,How to

Fly Away Rabbit

A new and cute physics based puzzle game in which you help the little rabbit to make his dreams true!

Dude Bear: Love Adventure Walkthrough,Guide,Solutions,Help,Hints

Dude Bear: Love Adventure

Dude Bear: Love Adventure is new & nice physics based puzzle game.

Hate Red Walkthrough,Solutions,Help,Hints

Hate Red

A new little arcade puzzle game in which you try to remove the red pins by shooting them with your limited number of balls.

Twist and Shot Walkthrough,Guide,Help,Hints,Cheats,Solutions

Twist and Shot

Twist and Shot is an entertaining arcade puzzle game with a unique & funny game play. 

enDice Complete Walkthrough,Help,Hints,Solutions

enDice Complete

An excellent puzzle game with simple rules but difficult puzzles.

NerveJangla Walkthrough,Guide,Help,Hints


NerveJangla features a series of minigames and puzzle with cute graphics.

Zebra aka Einstein's Puzzle Walkthrough,Help,Guide,Hints,Tips

Zebra aka Einstein's Puzzle

The Zebra Puzzle is a well known logic puzzle. It is often called Einstein's Puzzle or Einstein's Riddle because it is said to have been invented by Albert Einstein as a boy.

Maya Blocks Walkthrough,Guide,Help,Hints

Maya Blocks

Maya Blocks is a new challenging physics based puzzle game with simple but interesting graphic arts developed by

Starlight 2 Walkthrough,Guide,Help,Hints

Starlight 2

Find what pictures are hidden among the stars in this relaxing 3d puzzle game.

Red and Blue Balls 2 Walkthrough,Solutions,Help,Hints

Red and Blue Balls 2

The Red and Blue Balls are back for another adventure! This time, they’re stuck on another island, and need to make to the volcano. Help them through the tricky levels!

Treasure Puzzle Walkthrough,Guide,Help,Hints,Cheats

Treasure Puzzle

You\’ll have to sift through many ancient objects to find the artifacts of true power!

Showing games tagged with puzzle

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